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Chapter 12: Transformation Is the Test

There is one point here which should be profoundly understood, and it is this: one who pleads to be led towards the right path is making no ordinary plea; it is extraordinary, because the plea itself is the basis of the help one needs to proceed towards the right path. This plea is extraordinary because our every intention, our every passion, our every desire, leads us to the wrong path - there is no need to pray, to plead for it. Nature has given us sufficient means for that; nature itself leads us there. If you want to go down, to degrade yourself, you need no prayer to help you. If you want to go towards darkness, nature is already helping you. Your own actions lead you to that path. Your own habits and past impressions are already leading you towards it. It is interesting to note that nobody has ever prayed to God to lead him to an unrighteous path. Here God is not required; man himself is strong and capable enough to go astray. There is no need of God’s help in doing so. On the contrary, man has the capacity to lead God onto an unrighteous path!

The madness is that it is the unrighteous path which is full of dangers, yet no one prays for God’s help to take it. It should be done thus: “O God, please help me along the unrighteous path, for it is full of dangers!” To walk this path is to enter into much suffering and misery and madness. It is inviting troubles to overwhelm us. In such circumstances God’s help should be sought, but no one seeks it because everybody thinks he is capable enough to meet the challenge. Man is strong enough to follow an unrighteous path, but when the question of traveling the right path comes up, he suddenly finds he is unable to do so!

The reason for man’s weakness is that all his desires and passions draw him downwards, and there is no such passion endowed by nature to lift him upwards. If he does nothing and stands still, he will automatically slip downwards, sliding and stumbling in his descent. The gravitational force of nature is enough to draw him down, and with every step he will think of going lower and lower. The whole life force will urge him downwards more and more. He imagines there is happiness down below, and if he meets with unhappiness in his efforts, he argues, “It is because I have not gone far enough.”

When the so-called honest people meet me they tell me, “Have you seen how happy the dishonest people are becoming in this world?” I call such people so-called honest people because they cannot remain honest for long, since they see happiness in dishonesty. They cannot be honest from the depths of their hearts, and if they appear honest it is out of fear. To be dishonest requires courage and daring. They are weak and cowardly; they dare not practice dishonesty or treachery. But their belief that the treacherous are becoming happy and prosperous reveals the truth - the voice of their desires is warning them that they are making a mistake in being honest.

From within also, nature urges you to go down and down. Why? - because in descending you become more and more a part of nature. By the same token, as you rise higher and higher you go beyond nature. It is easy for nature to persuade you to descend still further because there is much rest there, and if you become like a stone there is complete rest. “Go down, leave aside your consciousness,” say your desires and passions. “Give up consciousness; it is the cause of your unhappiness, so remain in a trance - in unconsciousness.” That is why man takes to drink, to intoxicating drugs and a thousand other such tricks - so that he can descend easily and remain as if in a trance. There is a whole system of arrangements to help you to descend, but there is none to help you go up. And there is no bliss, no peace, without rising upwards.

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