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Chapter 10: That Witness Is You

That is why what the so-called holy men and saints say appeals to you. We all want to be the master of ourselves - so that no one can order us around, so that we can behave in whatever way we wish. We don’t want to find ourselves doing something that we don’t want to do. This is what slavery is.

That’s why we like to listen when someone says something against sexual desire. It appeals to us because we have experienced the slavery of sexual desire. That’s why when someone talks about it we are very impressed, and in that moment we make the decision to put up a fight, to become celibate.

But you cannot achieve anything just by taking a decision. Just a decision is not enough. It is necessary, but you are not going to win just by making a decision. It will depend on the method you adopt, the way you go about it. If a path is not going to the place of victory, your decision, your vow, can only keep you wandering. And your vow can only result in what has been happening all along - that you become filled with feelings of inferiority. Time after time you will lose, and with every defeat you will feel that you are weak, impotent; that you won’t ever be able to overcome your weaknesses; that this is something which only people like Mahavira can do.

But this has nothing to do with Mahavira. The difference between you and Mahavira is not that you are weak and Mahavira is strong, but that he is on the right path and you are on the wrong path. And no matter who someone is, if he is on the wrong path he cannot achieve anything.

So all the religions of the world have filled man with an inferiority complex. This is certainly very strange. All religions proclaim that you are God, that you are the manifestation of brahman, that nirvana is your nature, but the outcome appears to be just the opposite. Wherever religion has made an impression, man feels as if he is a sinner. Religions are preaching that you are the manifestation of God, but what they are really imparting to you, what becomes your experience, is that you are a sinner! What becomes your experience is that you are weak, you cannot do anything.

What is the reason for this? Religions talk about your utter sacredness, but the result is that you have an inferiority complex. Inferiority, guilt, helplessness and a sense of being weak are born in you, and in your mind a profound self-condemnation takes root, and you believe that “I am a bad person.” And remember, for a person who feels this, it is very difficult to make contact with the divine, extremely difficult. That is why the more religious a country becomes, the more obsessed it is with sin. The opposite should happen, but this is what actually happens. The reason is that the path you are walking on simply does not lead to victory. There is a semblance of it - otherwise you would not have embarked upon it in the first place. Again and again it seems that you are winning, but the victory never really happens.

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