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Chapter 17: You Are Alive

Because they are sincere, that’s why you have to be sincere with them too. They need respect - but not only respect, they also need a shock so that they can wake up and come out of the boundaries of Catholicism, or Protestantism or Hinduism or Mohammedanism. It doesn’t matter which; my work here is to bring everybody out of his prison, what the name of the prison is does not matter.

The person who wants to know the truth has to be completely deprogrammed. He should not have any belief, he should not have any religion, he should not have any nation, he should not have any race, he should be just a simple human being. From there, with that innocence, like a child, he has to start.

When you are a complete outsider it seems that Rajneeshism is also a prison. I went into it a little bit and I see that this is not the case. But how can you make clear to other people that this is in fact an anti-church?

Just wait, let me first finish your question completely, I cannot leave Mother Teresa alone. So whenever Mother Teresa comes in, please don’t change the subject.

You say she is a beautiful woman. I have no disagreement about that. But what she said to you is not beautiful - that you follow your path, I follow my path. This is not compassion. If I see you following a wrong path I will try every effort to obstruct you from going there, and I will try to convince you that what you are doing is wrong. That is compassion.

And all the paths are not right. There are three hundred religions in the world. All three hundred religions are not right. This is nice to say, “You follow your path, I follow my path and everybody follows his path,” but that means Mother Teresa does not know at all what is right. This can be said only by an ignorant person. If I know what is right, I also know what is wrong, and I will make every effort to prevent you if you move on the wrong path. To me that will be compassion. You got influenced by the old woman, but things are not as they appear.

She goes on converting orphans into the Catholic Church. The orphan may be a Mohammedan, may be a Hindu, may be a Jaina, may be a Buddhist. She does not think those orphans should follow their path. Just because she has been feeding them, she has purchased them for the Catholic Church. She wants more and more orphans, she wants more and more poverty, because without poverty and without orphans the number of Catholics cannot increase.

It is power politics, the politics of numbers. And when you look deep down into the whole thing, you will not say that she is a beautiful woman. She is a politician and her answer was diplomatic. It consoled you - “You go on your path, I go on my path” - it gave you a certain strength, but that strength is going to be given to your ego. I cannot say, “You go on your path.” You don’t know what your path is, where you are going. I know there is only one path, there are not many paths.

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