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Chapter 18: The Only Riches Are of the Heart

I say unto you: science is a very incomplete approach to life. And our society is very lopsided, because it has not taken note of the inner which is as big as the outer. There is a vast universe outside you and there is a universe similarly vast inside you. You are just standing between two infinities, two eternities.And because you are standing just in between these two wonderlands, you have the opportunity to enjoy both.

I am not against the outer. I am against the emphasis that only the outer exists and there is no inner. The inner is far more important because it is your very being. Not knowing it, not experiencing it, not going deeper into it, your life will remain empty, just a long, long, drag - boredom, depression. Nothing will flower in you, no songs will be heard within your being, no sunrises, no flowers, no stars. And all was possible, you just never moved inwards.

Moving inwards is the path to the divine. Moving outwards takes you towards objects but you are not an object. You are a deep subjectivity and this subjectivity has to be explored. That is the ultimate mystery.