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Chapter 2: The Weight of a Flower

The Mohammedans questioned him in the same manner. They would say, “You dress like a fakir then why haven’t you left your house and family?” At many places many gurus told him to leave everything and become their disciple. But Nanak did not budge from his path. He was constantly practicing the art of remaining outside of everything while remaining within everything, and that alone is the way of God; and that alone should be the way of the seeker.

People ask me: “What are you doing giving sannyasins’ robes to householders!” But that is the way of God; he is in the world and yet not in it. And this should be your path too.

He is the ordainer and by His order does the universe turn.
Says Nanak, He is without a care, endlessly blissful.

He is cheerful, filled with bliss, blooming like a flower and yet he has not a care! He is concerned about you - but he does not worry.

Put this experiment into practice in your life: work, mind your shop, but let there be a distance between your work and your being. Let your work be a play, a leela, and do not be the doer, that is all. Be an actor, let the art of acting become your life’s thread; because that is the way of God and that should be your way, your practice.