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Chapter 10: Mentation and Meditation

You say that the training of children’s intellects is a must, but should they be taught meditation at the same time? Many seekers around you are people with families. What should their approach be with their children? Where should their emphasis be? Please throw some light on this.

The more the balance, the higher the possibility of happiness; the more the imbalance, the more the way to unhappiness is paved. Looked at in depth, imbalance is unhappiness, and balance is happiness. Balance is the greatest art; hence in this country we have called it sanyama. Sanyama means to be still in the exact middle of two opposites, to find the midpoint between two extremes. Mind’s habit is to go toward the extremes; mind always wants to run from one end to the other, it never wants to stop in the middle.

If you are violent, your mind will take you to the limits of violence, and then when you are fed up it will take you in the opposite direction. One extreme of violence is to destroy the other, and the other extreme will be to start destroying yourself. First you were killing others, now you will start killing yourself - but you will not stop in the middle. Buddha has said that whenever a bhogi, the hedonist, gets fed up with indulgence he becomes a yogi, an ascetic. Where he was mad after sensual pleasures, now he becomes eager to torment himself. Where he used to love the flowers lying in his path, now he spreads thorns on his path with his own hands. Where he used to love to savor the taste of good food, now he only eats food if it is tasteless. If he used to love possessions, now he lives without even clothes on his body.

Mind swings from one extreme to the other, just like the pendulum of a clock - never stopping in the middle. If the pendulum stops in the middle the clock will stop; only while it is swinging will the clock work. When you see the pendulum swinging to the left you think it is only going to the left, but those who can see deeply know that in the very act of swinging to the left it is also gathering the momentum to swing to the right. And the farther to the left it goes, the farther to the right it will be able to go. Likewise, when it swings to the right it is preparing for its next swing to the left.

There is something important to be understood in this phenomenon. When you go into love you are in the process of gathering the momentum to move into hating; when you swing toward indulgence you are collecting the energy to go into asceticism. When you are dishonest you are gathering the energy to be honest. When you make donations you are preparing to exploit. One who looks deep into the mind will be able to see that because mind always moves into opposites, this movement from one extreme to the other is its natural state.

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