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Chapter 5: Successful Criminals and Cowardly Politicians

Do you know what the man said? He said, “You will never understand anything. My hair is white, but that doesn’t mean that my heart has become white: it is still black and it is going to remain black. Even if I were dead and this girl passed by my side, I would have opened my eyes and looked with the same lustful eyes. What has hair to do with it? What kind of argument are you giving to me, that ‘your hair is white’? Let my hair be white - I am not!” But white hair helps you to hide black deeds.

I have always wondered why they call this topmost criminal place in the world the White House. Perhaps unknowingly the idea came from their unconscious that everything inside is going to be black, but from the outside you have to keep a white face, everything clean.

One person reaches to the White House, ninety-nine to the black houses.

So there are people who are not courageous enough to take this risk - ninety-nine percent possibility of failing, and only one percent possibility of succeeding. They want far surer ground. Religion provides that ground: there is no failure in it.

You become religious, you become a great religious leader. If you succeed you become a great saint; if you don’t succeed, still you are a small saint, you don’t fail. The smallest saint is still a saint - the lowliest priest is still in the same line as the pope. In religion there is no failure. So, cowardly people - who are as much interested in gaining power, who are suffering as much from an inferiority complex, who are on a power trip but don’t have the guts to follow the criminal path - find the path of righteousness, asceticism, morality, prayer.

By becoming a saint they will also attain to power. Of course, this power cannot be very effective. They cannot become Alexander the Great, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin; they cannot have millions of lives in their hands - and now such politicians have the whole of humanity’s life in their hands. Of course these saints can’t have that much, but in a certain way, from a different aspect, they are more powerful because the politicians will come to touch their feet, the presidents will come to bow down in respect to them.

The politician does everything according to a particular strategy. If just before the elections President Reagan goes to the Vatican to pay respects to the Catholic pope, it is not accidental, it is preplanned. When Reagan goes to the Vatican and gives his respects to the Catholic pope, all the Catholics of America are, without much effort, converted to giving him votes: this is the right man.

All the bishops, all the cardinals in America will now tell their congregations that Reagan is our man. Now, to persuade so many Catholics in America.if he had to go from home to home it would have taken eternity. And how many stupid things politicians have to do! They have to go on kissing all kinds of children - their noses are running and they are kissing them.. The politician has to do it.

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