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Chapter 4: Rising in Love

You see a woman. You cannot know how the woman is within herself. You don’t even know how you are within yourself. The projector of your thoughts and mind throws an image and it spreads on that woman. The woman was an empty screen. You had seen her many times before yesterday and she did not create any music in you, no bells rang, but today suddenly that woman has made you lovesick. Today the woman appeared in front of you in a moment when something was going on inside you and these thoughts attached themselves to her and spread all over her. Now the woman you are seeing is not the real woman, she is a woman of your dreams; she is an illusion.

You marry her. Slowly, slowly every day the image will start fading. If you use the same thought again and again you will become accustomed to it. One day suddenly you will see again, as if your eyes are suddenly opened, that this is a very ordinary woman. You had written so many poems to her, you had seen so many dreams. But this is an ordinary woman like any other woman - she is nothing. The screen became empty, the thought process vanished.

As long as you see value in money, you will see money. The day you understand, it will become just a pile of junk. A diamond appears to be a diamond because you are projecting the diamond, otherwise it is just a stone. The day the projection is dissolved you will find that it is a stone. Slowly, slowly when the thoughts inside come to an end, then the projector does not work - the projection ends. The screen of the world becomes empty. And the name for that empty screen is God.

Sahajo is saying the same thing. She is saying, “I can abandon God but I cannot leave my master, because God deluded me in this drama. He created the play of light and shadow on the screen. My master has awakened me. I can abandon you because you gave me the trouble of the senses, you gave me the world; my master raised me above it. You gave me pain, my master gave me the glimpse of bliss. You left me on the path which takes me away from myself, my master brought me back home.” Sahajo says, “I can abandon God but I can’t leave my master, because without the master you would not exist for me - I would not have known you. So what I am saying is that the master has given me silence and the empty inner sky.”

When you see from that empty inner sky, the whole world is filled with the splendor of the divine.

Enough for today..