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Chapter 7: Take No Notice

The second path - the pathless path, the path of enlightenment - has a totally different revelation to make, a totally different declaration of immense value: that you are already it. “Ah, This!” There is nowhere to go, no need to go. There is no one to go. We are already enlightened. Then only can it happen in an instant - because it is a question of awakening.

For example, if you have fallen asleep and you are dreaming.you can dream that you are on the moon. Do you think that if somebody wakes you up you will have to come back from the moon? Then it will take time. If you have already reached the moon, then you will have to come back and it will take time. The airship may not be available right now. There may be no tickets available; it may be full. But you can be awakened because it is only a dream that you are on the moon. In fact you are in your bed, in your home: you had not gone anywhere. Just a little shaking and you are suddenly back - back from your dreams.

The world is only a dream. We need not go anywhere; we have always been here; we are here and we are going to be here. But we can fall asleep and we can dream.

The All-Indian National Guard was out on maneuvers. They were about to begin a mock battle between the “red” team and the “blue” team when they received a telegram from Delhi: “Because of recent budget cuts we cannot supply weapons or ammunition, but please continue with your battle for training purposes.”

The General called his troops together and said, “We will simulate the battle. If you are within a hundred yards of the enemy, point your arm and shout ‘Bang-Bang’ for a rifle. If you are within fifty feet, throw your arms over your head and shout ‘Boom’ for a hand grenade. If you are within five feet, wave your arms and shout ‘Slash-Slash’ for a bayonet.”

Private Abul was put on scout patrol, and apparently all the action went in another direction. He was out for three days and three nights, but did not see another person.

On the fourth day Abul was sitting under a tree, discouraged, when he saw a figure coming across the hill in his direction. He got down on his hands and knees and crawled through the mud and weeds, as he had been trained. Sure enough, it was a soldier from the other team.

Abul raised his arm and shouted “Bang-Bang!” but he got no response. So he ran up closer, threw his arm over his head, and shouted “Boom!” very loudly. The other soldier did not even turn in his direction. So he ran right up to the soldier and shouted in his ear “Slash-Slash! Slash-Slash!” but still he got no reaction.

Abul was angry. He grabbed the other soldier by the arm and shouted, “Hey! You are not playing according to the rules. I went ‘Bang-Bang,’ I shouted ‘Boom,’ and I came right up to you and said ‘Slash-Slash,’ and you have not even indicated that you have seen me yet.”

At this point, the other soldier wheeled around to Abul and said in a deep voice, “Rumble-Rumble, I am a tank!”

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