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Chapter 2: A Small Candle Is Enough

Then a third person who was also present became interested. There seemed to be something very mysterious about the letter. But this man was not a disciple; he had come to see the mystic just out of curiosity. He said, “Can I also have a look?”

Both the master and the disciple hesitated. They looked at each other wondering how to answer this man. The man became even more intrigued. He said, “Is there something very mysterious in it?”

They said, “There is really nothing in it. It is a very rare letter; you will not understand its language. That’s why we are hesitating. We don’t want to offend you, but if you insist you can see it.”

The man looked at this side and that side of the paper and saw there was nothing at all written on it. He returned the letter without saying anything and rushed out. These people seemed to be mad!

Buddhas cannot use silence with you because then you will not understand; you will escape. They have to use words which have your meanings, so they have to be very, very alert in choosing their words, but even then those words are inadequate.

The word path is so inadequate that Lao Tzu always uses “the pathless path.” Now what is the sense of saying “pathless path”? It is empty paper. “Gateless gate,” “effortless effort,” “action in inaction” - wu-wei, all these contradictions together, paradoxes together, are just to shake and shock you out of your sleep. Otherwise there is no path and there is nowhere to go. You are already there and you have been always there. All that is needed is to wake up.

Indivar, I can see you are coming out of your dreams, your sleep. I can see you turning and tossing in your bed; the morning is not very far away. Please don’t be worried about the paths, because that worry can keep you asleep. Don’t judge any moment. Don’t compare any moment with another moment, because every comparison is a thought process and every thought process keeps you attached to the mind. Relax, whatsoever happens, allow it to happen. Be in a let-go.

I am saying these things to you because that is the easiest thing for you; just be in a let-go. Godliness is going to happen to you; you are not going to find it. The goal is going to happen to you. And it can happen anywhere; there is no path leading to it. In fact it is our own reality; we simply have to be alert to see.

In Japan there is the beautiful story of a really great buddha, Hotei. In Japan he is called the Laughing Buddha, because the moment he became enlightened he started laughing.

People asked him, “Why are you laughing?”

He said, “Because I have become enlightened!”

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