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Chapter 19: The Sunlit Peaks of Sacredness

You cannot go astray. To go astray you need a path. And finding the truth is not the goal, finding the truth cannot be made an ambition. Finding the truth is finding yourself. And you can find yourself only in a relaxed state. Who can distract you from yourself? The wind may take you to the north, or to the south, but it cannot distract you from yourself; wherever you are you are.

If you start being playful in life you have learned the greatest prayer; you have learned the pathless path.

Most major cities have a dial-a-prayer number for anyone requiring religious reassurance in the form of a brief, pre-recorded sermon. Now there is talk of establishing a similar number for atheists: when you dial it, no one answers.

And I think that will be far closer to reality than a pre-recorded sermon. If you can listen to the silence - no one is answering, you are left alone - it can become a meditation.

There is no goal. You are not to go somewhere, and there is not some object to be found. You have just to relax into such a deep state that you can settle within yourself. In that very settling you have come home.

The other day, out of the silence of your namaste came the unexpected gift of your dance. My heart burst open, and suddenly I was like a child, innocent and utterly in awe of the mystery of your presence. Would you please say something about how it is that the slightest gesture made by you affects us so deeply?

Love is the greatest alchemy in the world. It transforms small things into great, into precious experiences. Just a bird singing, received in silence and love, is more valuable than God speaking to Moses, because that is a fiction - and not a very nice one, either.

When Moses reached the mountain on Sinai to meet God, he saw a miracle; he saw a green bush, lush green, and yet surrounded by flames. As he came closer, a voice from the bush shouted at him, “Moses, take your shoes off! You are on holy ground” - not a very nice beginning to a conversation. Moses must have been a very obedient person; otherwise he would have asked, “Can you tell me where is the land which is not holy? Should I carry my shoes on my head?”

The whole existence is holy.

But the poor fellow was so amazed by a voice without any person around, and the bush on fire, and yet green, lush green..

God gave him ten commandments, ten pieces of stone, and on each piece one commandment was written: “Thou shall not commit adultery”.not a great meeting - in a way insulting and humiliating. And poor Moses carried all those ten stones; they must have been heavy.

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