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Chapter 18: Love Is the Only Friend

If somebody asks, “What is love?”, be loving: hug him, hold his hand, let your love flow towards him. That is the only way to say what love is. This is the only way to define the indefinable.

Fall in prayer while you are helping your patient. Just kneel down. The first time the patient may feel strange, a little weird - ”What is happening?” - because he has come with a certain idea that he would have to lie down on the Freudian couch and he would talk all kinds of nonsense, and the psychoanalyst would listen very attentively, as if he is delivering a gospel or a revelation. He has come with certain expectations; he will not be able to believe what is happening.

But if prayer is there it is bound to have effects: it is such a potential force. Whenever there is one person praying, he creates a vibe of prayer around himself. And patients particularly are very sensitive people - that’s why they have become patients. Remember it! They are more intelligent than the common lot, hence they are ill! The common lot is so insensitive, so dull, so thick-skinned, it goes on carrying all kinds of nonsenses without being disturbed by them. It goes on living this so-called, meaningless life without ever becoming aware of its meaninglessness, its utter stupidity and absurdity. Remember always that the patient is a person who is more sensitive than the common lot, more alert, has more heart to feel. Hence he finds it difficult to adjust to the society.

The society exists for the lowest because it exists for the mass, the mob, the crowd. The society is a herd-phenomenon. Whenever there is somebody who is a little more intelligent, has a slightly higher IQ, has some more potential for love and for poetry, he will feel a little maladjusted, he will not feel at home. Seeing the beggar on the street he will suffer, seeing all kinds of exploitations going on he will suffer; seeing the state of humanity and its degradation he will suffer - and all this will become too much. He will start cracking underneath this burden.

Remember that the patient is more intelligent, more sensitive, more vulnerable - hence he is a patient. If you create the climate of prayer around him, maybe the first time he will think you a little weird, but don’t be worried. Everybody knows that psychoanalysts are a little weird.

I have heard..

“I got insomnia real bad,” complained a psychotherapist to his physician.

“Insomnia,” said the doctor, “is insomnia. How bad can it be? What do you mean, ‘real bad insomnia’?”

“Well,” said the psychotherapist. “I got it real bad. I can’t even sleep when it is time to get up!”

Or this story:

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