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Chapter 7: The Eternal Now

One of my friends was traveling in England with one of his English friends, and he was telling me that everything has become so routine that in England you hear expressions like “teatime,” “dinnertime,” “lunchtime.” What do they mean? How can time decide the time for lunch, unless you are feeling hungry? When you say “lunchtime,” it means “hunger time” - now be hungry! And if you are not, then something is wrong with you. Teatime means now be ready for tea. If you are not feeling, then something is wrong with you; you have to take it. By and by people have forgotten their real hunger, their real thirst. Everything is taken on time. The clock decides. The clock has become the dominator; it dominates. This is a very unreal world, dominated by the clock.

Now there are educators, psychologists who go on telling the mothers to give the child milk at certain times, after each three hours. The child is crying, the child is hungry; the mother looks at the clock. It is not time yet. The child is hungry, that is not anything to be worried about. The clock has to be looked at. Because when the child is hungry, the child is not to be believed, but the doctor. Now it is none of the doctor’s business to interfere. But once you become obsessed with the unreal, many unreal things enter into your life.

I have heard:

An Irishman fell from a ladder and lay apparently unconscious on the ground. A crowd gathered around him and a doctor was called, who said at once that the poor man was dead. Pat opened his eyes and promptly denied the charge.

“Shush! Pat,” said one of the bystanders. “Don’t be talking nonsense. Surely the doctor knows best.”

Even if you are alive and the doctor says you are dead, you have to behave like a dead man - because of course the expert knows and he knows the best.

With the chronological time, the world of the expert has come into existence, because you have lost your roots into reality. For everything you have to ask somebody. People come to me and they say, “Osho, tell us how we are feeling.” How you are feeling you have to know. But I understand. The touch, the contact, the connectedness with reality is lost. Even how you are feeling, you have to go to ask somebody who knows; you have to rely on somebody else. This is unfortunate, but it has happened in slow steps and humanity has not been aware.

Chronological time is not being used now. It is no longer a means; it has almost become an end. Remember, it is false time. It has nothing to do with reality.

Deep down from it, just underneath it, is another time which is not real, but more real than the chronological time: that is psychological time. There is a clock, biological clock, within you. More than men, women are alert about it. They will also not be alert very long because they are trying in every way to imitate men. Still, their body functions as an inner clock. After each twenty-eight days, the menstruation comes. The body functions like an inner clock, a biological clock.

If you watch, then you will see the hunger comes at a certain time every day. If you are going well and healthy, then needs fall into a certain pattern, and that pattern is repeated. It is only broken when you are not well; otherwise the body moves on smoothly, runs in a smooth pattern. And if you are aware of that pattern, you will be more alive than the man who lives by the clock. You are closer to reality.

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