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Chapter 13: One of the Most Mysterious Phenomena

One man, very adventurous, a scientific inquirer, wanted to know what had happened to these people.because people were afraid to go into the valley, it was dangerous. If three hundred people are blind, perhaps there is something wrong in the air, something wrong in the water, something wrong in the food - who knows what is wrong? You may go blind!

But this courageous young man entered the commune and was surprised.he did not become blind. He figured out what was happening: there was a certain fly in the mountains.. Every child was born with eyes, as every child is born everywhere else, but within three, four months - if the fly bites the child - he will go blind. Three or four months was too great a time, and the fly was a common fly, all around, everywhere.

So everybody was born with eyes, but nobody ever remembered that once he had eyes because he had lost them so early in life - when he was two months old, at the most four months old. But that fly’s bite was not capable of destroying a young man’s eyes. So anybody who had passed at least one year was beyond the reach of the fly; it needed only the very vulnerable child.

The man wanted to help them because he had found the cause; the cause could be destroyed and those common children could be saved. While he was working on the plans of how to destroy the fly, the whole commune of those primitive people used to laugh at the madman. They used to laugh because they could not believe that he had eyes and they didn’t. And of course they were three hundred and he was alone and there was no way to prove that he had eyes. Those three hundred people had never heard about eyes - he was just a poet, a dreamer!

But living with them he fell in love with a girl of the community. He wanted to marry that girl, but the community had a condition: “You will have to drop this illusion that you have eyes. And to make certain, we have our elders who will check you. If they find something that you call eyes, they will destroy them.because you have something which you should not have. No human being has eyes - something is wrong with you.

“You can marry the girl of our community, but the condition is that you have to become part of our community. You have to become blind. You can choose. Either you have to leave - leave us alone and don’t disturb us. Since you have come it has been a continuous disturbance. You have been corrupting our youth, putting in their minds the idea of eyes - which we have never heard of from our elders, our forefathers. We have always lived this way. And we don’t need eyes. What will we do with eyes? - we are perfectly happy and content.

“You have disturbed our peace and now you want to get entry into our community. You will have to choose: you will have to lose your so-called eyes if you want to get married, or you forget all about this love affair and leave this valley and never come back again.”

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