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Chapter 6: The Power That Shall Make You Nothing

Think about this: you are alone on earth and the whole of humanity has disappeared. What will you be? Wise or foolish? Beautiful or ugly? A great man or just an ordinary man? What will you be? Alone on the earth - the whole of humanity has disappeared - you will just be yourself. You will not be able to say “I am this or that.” You will not be anybody. You will be nobody.

Real sannyas, real renunciation means it is as if the whole universe, the whole of humanity, has disappeared and you are alone. There is no possibility to compare. Then who are you? - nobody. This nobodyness is power: power in the world of the divine.

Jesus says, “Those who are first in this world will be last in the kingdom of God, and those who are last here will be first in the kingdom of God.” That which is power in the world is powerlessness in the divine journey, and that which is powerlessness in the world is power in the divine journey.

This sutra says: Desire power ardently, but remember the meaning of power. It is powerlessness. It is a feeling of nobodyness, nothingness, of emptiness. And that power which the disciple shall covet is that which shall appear as nothing in the eyes of men.

The eleventh sutra:

Desire peace fervently.

The peace you shall desire is that sacred peace which nothing can disturb, and in which the soul grows as does the holy flower upon the still lagoons.

Desire peace fervently. No one desires peace. You go on talking about it, and go on deceiving yourself that you desire peace, but no one desires it - because once it is desired, peace happens. And that has not happened to you.

No one desires peace. Even if you say that you desire peace you don’t desire it, because this is one of the ultimate laws: if you desire peace it happens. Then where have things gone wrong?

Many people come to me.

A student came to me - he was just going to appear in his final MA examination. He asked me, “How can I be peaceful? How can I be silent? Help me. I desire peace. I am so disturbed, so tense.”

I asked him, “Why do you desire peace?”

He said, “I want to achieve the gold medal. The examination is about to happen. I am a first-class student but this is going to be my last examination, and I desire the gold medal. If my mind is so tense, how can I achieve it? So help me to be peaceful.”

Look at the contradiction! And this is what is happening to everyone.

I told him, “If there was to be no examination, if you had no desire to achieve the gold medal, if you had no ambition to be first-class first, would there be any disturbance within you? Would your peace be disturbed?”

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