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Chapter 5: Questions: Exposing Your Way from Ignorance to Innocence

I want the peace of the garden, not of the graveyard. The birds should be singing, because their songs deepen the peace. The flowers should be blossoming because their colors, their fragrance make the peace alive: the foliage, the greenery, everything is overflowing with life.

In a graveyard there is also silence and there is peace, because everybody is dead. They are waiting for the last judgment day; then they will come out of their graves and you will see such a quarrel as you have never seen, not imagined. Because lying in their graveyards, they are repressing everything, and when they come out.just skeletons hitting each other!

You will see the scene, the last judgment day. Nobody will bother who is hitting whom, just hitting will be such a joy. So much has been repressed - because somebody has been in the grave for thousands of years. Just think of yourself in a grave for thousands of years - how much anger you must be gathering! It will explode in just one day, in twenty-four hours. More time is not given; perhaps God is afraid to give more time. Because if you give more time, that quarrel will never end, it will continue. So finish it in twenty-four hours.

And in twenty-four hours in that crowd you cannot find your enemy or where your wife is, where your neighbor is. So don’t waste time - whoever you meet, hit him hard! Somebody must be hitting your wife, so you hit somebody else’s wife; it does not matter, the question is of hitting.

There is a peace in the graveyard. If people live separately. And that’s what religions have thought: renounce the world and go into the caves, and there will be peace. It will be the peace of the graveyard, your cave will be your grave, because there is nobody to provoke you, nobody to insult you. Just being alone, what can you do except be silent? But that is not the peace that passeth understanding, that is a deadness, a suicide.

Try to understand your misery. Live it, go to the very depth of it, find out the cause, why it is there. Let understanding be your meditation. And try to understand your contentment also, your happiness also; and you will see their superficiality. Once you know that your happiness is superficial and your anguish is very deep - and it is in your hands - you can change your whole style of consciousness. Your contentment can become your whole being; not even a small space is left for discontentment.

Your love becomes your very life. And it remains. Time passes, but what you have achieved goes on deepening. More and more flowers, more and more songs are born out of it.

That’s what we call enlightenment. The word is Eastern, but the experience has nothing to do with East or West.