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Chapter 7: Preparing for the Last World War

Since peace was officially restored to the world at the end of World War Two, what have the politicians been doing?

There has never been any peace. There have been only two periods in history: the period we know as war, and the period we call peace, which is a cover up - in reality it should be called preparation for another war. The whole history consists only of two things: war and preparation for war. And you are asking me, “Since peace was officially restored to the world at the end of World War Two, what have the politicians been doing?”

The politicians have been doing exactly what they have always been doing: creating more conflict, more unrest, more discrimination, more destructive weapons - and preparing for the third world war.

Once, Albert Einstein was asked: “You, being the scientist who discovered atomic energy, must be able to inform us what is going to happen in the third world war.”

Einstein had tears in his eyes and he said, “Don’t ask me about the third world war - I do not know anything about it. But if you want to know about the fourth world war, I can say something.”

The journalist who was asking the question was immensely surprised and amazed: The man is not saying anything about the third world war, says he knows nothing about it, but he is ready to say something about the fourth world war? He asked excitedly, “Then please tell me about the fourth world war.”

Einstein said, “Only one thing can be said about it - that it is never going to happen.”

The third world war will be the last world war. For this last world war, politicians have been preparing since peace was officially restored after the second world war.

The politician and his game are the ugliest things you can conceive of. We are facing a dark night, and I am reminded of the old saying that “When the night is darkest, the dawn is very close by.” But I hesitate to say that this dark night that is surrounding us will have any dawn to it.

I will just tell you exactly what has been happening since 1945 - and people are kept in absolute ignorance; they are not aware that they are sitting on a volcano which can erupt any moment. They are kept engaged in trivia, and the real problems are kept hidden as if they don’t exist.

Since 1945 there have been one hundred and five wars fought in sixty-six countries - all of them in the Third World. One is necessarily tempted to ask, “Why in the Third World?” America and the Soviet Union both have gone so far ahead in developing destructive weapons, that the weapons used in the second world war are out of date. For them, they are of no use. They have to be sold somewhere; some market is needed, and the market is possible only if there is war.

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