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Chapter 18: Every Desire Creates Conflict

Alexander was never in such a difficult position. How to get out from there? - because the logic of Diogenes was absolutely clear. If you want peace, relaxation, serenity, start now! Conquering the whole world is not a necessary condition for it.not even an unnecessary condition.

We are doing everything to disturb ourselves by our greed, our lust, our desire for more and more, our non-ending ambition to be at the top. Then what will you do at the top?

What did Edmund Hillary do on Everest? He just looked stupid and embarrassed, standing alone on that peak for no reason at all. He had risked his life, knowing well hundreds of people had died before in the same effort; and all knew perfectly well there was nothing to be found - it is just eternal snow. But strange are the ways of man, strange is his craziness.

Just watch your desires, your longings, your ambitions and you will be able to see who is creating disturbances; otherwise peace is your nature.for nine months in the mother’s womb you were in eternal peace.

Peace is the stuff the whole existence is made of. It is only the stupidity of man that has disturbed everything around him, within him. And now he is looking for peace.

You are asking me, “What is peace for the rebellious man?”

Peace has only one taste, utterly delicious - the ultimate taste of existence itself. You just have to drop all that is disturbing, all that creates turmoil, all that creates tension, anxiety, anguish; you don’t have to achieve peace - remember.

Peace is already there deep inside you. Peace is what you are made of. It is your very consciousness, your very being.

But such is the utter insanity of men that they even start making peace their ambition, they start desiring peace. And this is the greatest dilemma for every man who is in search of himself. He has to understand the contradiction.

You cannot desire peace, because desire is the disturbance. What you desire does not matter. You may desire peace or you may desire power, you may desire money or you may desire meditation, it doesn’t matter - because the nature of desire is always the same. It is a tension, its goal is in the future, and peace is in the present.

Peace is not a tension. Peace is a non-tense, relaxed state of let go. There is not even the ambition of peace. There is no desire, no ambition, because one has understood the simple arithmetic - that every desire creates conflict, every ambition takes you away from yourself.

The moment you drop all your desires and all your ambitions, you suddenly find you are sitting in peace within the temple of your being.

To describe our situation I will tell you a few stories:

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