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Chapter 29: I Am Crazy, but You Are Crazier!

The mind is between the world and you. Whatever happens in the world, the mind is affected by it; and you can understand through the mind what is happening outside. For example, you see me - you cannot see me; it is your mind that is affected by certain rays and creates a picture in the mind. You are inside, and from inside you see the picture. You don’t see me; you can’t see me. The mind is the mediator. Just as when it is affected by the outside, the inner consciousness can read it - what is happening outside - what the scientists are trying to do is just the same: they are studying meditators and reading their wave lengths, the energy fields created by meditation. And naturally, the scientific approach is that if these certain patterns appear without any exception when a person is in meditation, then we have got the key; if we can create these patterns in the mind, then meditation is bound to appear inside. That’s where the fallacy is.

You can create the pattern in the mind, and if the person does not know about meditation, he may feel a silence, serenity, for the moment, as long as those waves remain. But you cannot deceive a meditator, because the meditator will see that those patterns are appearing in the mind. The mind is a lower reality, and the lower reality cannot change the higher reality. The mind is the servant; it cannot change the master. But you can experiment. Just remain aware that whether it is a biofeedback machine or the chanting of Om, it does not matter; it only creates a mental peace, and mental peace is not meditation. Meditation is the flight beyond the mind. It has nothing to do with mental peace.

One of America’s great thinkers, Joshua Liebman, has written a very famous book, Peace Of Mind. I wrote him a letter many years ago when I came across the book, saying, “If you are sincere and honest, you should withdraw the book from the market because there is no such thing as peace of mind. The mind is the problem. When there is no mind then there is peace, so how there can be “peace of mind?” And any peace of mind is only fallacious; it simply means the noise has slowed down to such a point that you think it is silence. And you don’t have anything to compare it with.”

A man who knows what meditation is cannot be deceived by any techniques, because no technique can give you understanding of the workings of the mind. For example, you feel anger, you feel jealousy, you feel hatred; you feel lust. Is there any technique that can help you to get rid of anger, of jealousy, of hatred, of sexual lust? And if these things continue to remain, your lifestyle is going to remain the same as before.

There is only one way - there has never been a second. There is one and only one way to understand that to be angry is to be stupid: watch anger in all its phases, be alert to it so it does not catch you unawares; remain watchful, seeing every step of the anger. And you will be surprised: that as awareness about the ways of anger grows, the anger starts evaporating. And when the anger disappears, then there is peace. Peace is not a positive achievement. When the hatred disappears, there is love. Love is not a positive achievement. When jealousy disappears, there is a deep friendliness towards all.

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