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Chapter 1: Beyond Individuality: The Ultimate Center

A man who has been burning for twenty years with revenge, is he capable of offering peace of mind to anybody? He does not know anything about mind or peace!

These are the founders of religions. He is still respected by the Hindus.

All these three religions console the poor; that’s why in India there has never been a revolution by the poor against the oppressors, exploiters. They take it as a matter of course that their poverty is because of their sins in the past, it has nothing to do with anybody else; there is no question of any revolution.

Mohammed said to his disciples - and they are still following his idea and being poor - he told his disciples one of the most absurd ideas: “You should not take interest on money, and you should not give interest on money.”

Now the whole world of economics depends on interest. The more the money moves, the more money you have. That’s why another name for money is currency: it has to be a current, continuously moving. But why should it move if I am not going to gain any interest on it? Why should I give it to anybody and take the risk? He may not return it.

So Mohammedans don’t give interest on money, they don’t take interest on money. Their whole economics is basically false, goes against the whole science of economics. The game of money depends on interest. Mohammedans have remained poor, utterly poor, and they are still following an out-of-date idea, thinking it is something spiritual.

All the religions are against money.

All the religions are praising the poor.

When you praise the poor, you are destroying all his possibilities of becoming rich. When you talk against money, you create a non-productive society. You can see it in India: five hundred million people are living in starvation at this very moment. And those who understand how an increasing population is going to create more poverty, they all predict unanimously that by the end of this century half the country will die because of starvation: one man amongst two. You will be surrounded in this country with corpses; you won’t have enough wood for their funeral pyres, you will not have enough people to carry them to the graveyard. They will deteriorate, they will stink. The only people who will be happy will be the animals, the birds, who eat human flesh.

Amongst five hundred million corpses, do you think you will be able to live? I don’t think any man of any intelligence is going to tolerate it. He would rather commit suicide, the scene will be so ghastly, so agonizing; such a tremendous anguish it will create.

But still the religious leaders are against birth control methods.

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