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Chapter 25: The Only Alternative

I am the alternative against nuclear weapons because I am creating meditative people, silent people, peaceful people who do not want to destroy this earth. And against AIDS I am creating communes all over the world, like oases where people will be back in the garden of Eden from where that idiot God pushed them out.

In one of the interviews, you mentioned that you want to take over the world.

I am taking it over; I am already on the way. But my ways of taking over the world are not those of Adolf Hitler or Alexander the Great. Those idiots have failed so badly that no intelligent person can try to take over the world in their way. I have my own way.

My way is to create more and more loving, peaceful, silent people around the world. That’s my empire. But in my empire everybody is an emperor, nobody is a slave.

I am taking over the world. There is no other way for humanity to survive. Soon the people who are hostile to me will be begging that they should be allowed in the commune, because in the outside society, if it is found they have AIDS, they are going to be condemned the way lepers were condemned in the past. Lepers were not allowed to live in the cities; they had to live outside. They could not move in the daylight; they had to move in the night. They could not take water from the well of the town; they had a separate well outside the city. And leprosy is not such a dangerous thing.

There has never been anything more dangerous than AIDS. So the politicians and the religious leaders are pushing anybody who has a little intelligence to become a sannyasin. I don’t need to go for conversion - they are pushing people toward me.

So it will be in the end the only way to survive?

This is the only way - not in the end, but right now, in the beginning. Because in the end.

That’s the end!

.it is all finished.

You call Jesus a mental case and a crackpot.

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