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Chapter 1: Love Is the Master Key

These two different types of religion have to be understood well. If your religion is just borrowed it will create trouble in your life - because it will be against life. Every moment you will feel it is against life: it will be life-negative, it will make you a masochist. You will start torturing yourself, because you will always find yourself in conflict with your religion. What to do? You will feel guilty. Each moment of your life will become a moment of guilt, whatsoever you do. Even if you are innocently sipping a cup of tea, there are religions which will make you feel guilty.

In Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram, tea was prohibited. If somebody was caught sipping tea he was punished; he had to fast for one day or two days as a punishment. Now, just an innocent thing like tea can create guilt - what to say about other things? Anything.you find anything, and you will find some religion or other condemning it.

These condemnations don’t allow you to live a full life. And when you cannot live a full life, at the optimum, you will never know what godliness is, because godliness can be contacted only at the optimum - when your flame is burning bright, when your torch is burning from both ends, when you are a fire of living energy, only then. At the optimum, at the maximum, at the peak, you will have your first glimpse of godliness. When you are at your peak, that is the first step toward godliness.

Abraham Maslow is right when he says that peak experiences make a man healthy, and only a healthy man can have peak experiences. Yes, that is right. Whenever you can have a peak, whenever you can get absorbed in any moment totally, the door opens. You touch the feet of the divine at the peak of your experience, when you are at a crescendo.

That’s why Tantra says: in making love, when your orgasm is total, when your whole being is involved in it, every fiber of your being is throbbing and pulsating, and every cell of your body is alive, totally alive; when you have become just an ocean and you are completely lost and you don’t know where you are, all boundaries have merged; in that moment of orgasm you have your first glimpse of godliness, your first glimpse of satori, samadhi, nirvana. But, in any situation, if you can come to the peak, you will attain a glimpse of godliness.

But your so-called religions don’t allow you any peak. They cripple you, they paralyze you, they cut you short. They only allow you a minimum of life. That’s what renunciation means: live at the minimum. Only the basic needs have to be fulfilled. Your so-called religions don’t teach you how to overflow, they only teach you how to become more and more narrow. They make you tunnels, narrow tunnels. Real religion will make you open, open as the sky.

A real religion is bound to be affirmative. Jesus is affirmative, tremendously in love with life; Christians are not life-affirmative. Krishna is life-affirmative, dancing, singing, loving; Hindus are not life-affirmative. Their so-called mahatmas, their so-called saints, are all life-negative, poisoning life.

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