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Chapter 3: No Peaks, No Valleys

You can try to be unnatural, but your nature will assert itself in a thousand and one ways; it will come up again and again. You will have to hush it, you will have to repress it.

It was eight a.m. at a Las Vegas gambling palace and two lone bettors were still standing by a dice table awaiting further competition, when a lusciously endowed brunette attired in a suit happened by.

“Although it’s quite early in the day,” she announced, “I feel lucky this morning. I’d like to roll the dice once for twenty thousand dollars. Would the two of you care to take me up on the wager?”

“Sure, lady,” answered one of the men, “we’ll take your action.”

“I hope you gentlemen won’t mind,” she then said, “but the only way I can get lucky is to roll the dice without my panties on.”

So saying, the lissom lovely proceeded to remove her slacks and panties. With a shout of “Mamma needs a new pair of pants!” she rolled the dice, gave a squeal of delight and yelled, “I win!” She then picked up her money, her slacks and her underwear and made a hasty exit from the room.

The two men exchanged double takes, and one of them blurted out, “Hey, what did she roll anyway?”

“How the hell should I know?” snapped the other. “I thought you were watching the dice!”

We have created such a strange humanity, and the whole rationale of this whole mad earth, this mad humanity, is religious, spiritual. Search for the truth, search for God, search for the peaks, and you have lost yourself in the search.

There is only one search - to find yourself - and for that you need not go anywhere else. For that you have to withdraw from all your desires, ambitions, goals. You have to come back home.

You are not to become me. I am not your enemy - I cannot tell you to become me. If you try to become me you will only be a carbon copy, a hypocrite, you will only be an imitation.

Those who have gathered around me are not my followers, not my imitators - just companions, fellow celebrants, dance partners! Existence to me is a carnival, it is just a festival. It is for those who know how to dance. And the dance need not wait for tomorrow - tomorrow never comes - the dance has to be now, here, this very moment. This very silence has to become the dance!

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