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Chapter 7: By Watching.

But if you are aware that the mind is confusion, and you don’t get identified with the mind, you will never fall. You will become fallproof! The mind will become impotent. And because you will be continuously watching, your energies will slowly withdraw away from the mind; it will not be nourished any more.

And once the mind dies, you are born as a no-mind. That birth is enlightenment. That birth brings you for the first time to the land of peace, the lotus paradise. It brings you to the world of bliss, benediction. Otherwise you remain in hell. Right now you are in hell. But if you resolve, if you decide, if you choose consciousness, right now you can take a jump, a leap from hell into heaven.

It is up to you: you can choose hell, you can choose heaven. Hell is cheap. Heaven needs great effort, perseverance, resolve. Hell means you can remain unconscious, you can remain as you are. Heaven means you have to rise above yourself, you have to transcend. You have to move from the valley towards the peaks.

And those peaks are yours, but you have to pay for them. Climbing those peaks is arduous effort. Be watchful, be meditative, and one day you will find yourself on the sunlit peaks. That is liberation, moksha. That is nirvana: cessation of the ego and the birth of godliness.

You are entitled to be gods. If you are not, only you are responsible and nobody else. Listen to Buddha. Don’t only listen to Buddha - act, be committed to the life of consciousness, get involved.

But let me remind you again: this is only one dimension of life - immensely rich, but still one dimension. You will have to do something more. I am giving you a more arduous task than Buddha did. Buddha gave you one dimension; I want you to have all three dimensions, and a synthesis.

A new man is needed on the earth. The old is rotten and finished, it has no future, it can’t survive. It has come to the very end of its tether. It is on its deathbed. Unless a new man is born - East and West meeting, all three dimensions together - humanity is doomed.

This experiment that I am doing is just to create the first specimen of the new man. You are participating in a great experiment of tremendous import. Feel blessed. Feel fortunate. You may not be aware of what you are participating in, but you may create history. It all depends on how committed, how involved you become with me and with my experiment.

This is the greatest synthesis possible, which has ever been tried.

Enough for today.