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Chapter 9: When a Man Has Presence.

This search is of the ego. He wants me to be very extra-ordinary so that his ego can feel very good that it has surrendered to an extraordinary man. If by my touch I cure people, if by my touch I make dead people alive, then Praghosh will be very happy: this is the man to surrender to. But then you will not be surrendering to me. It will be your ego-trip. You will feel very good and satisfied that you are the disciple of such an extraordinary man.

Sufis don’t believe in miracles. They think they are stupid and only stupid people are attracted towards miracles. A master is ordinary. A master is a normal man - a regular. A master is so ordinary that he has no kind of ego in him. All extra-ordinariness is a kind of ego. A master is simply nobody. His ordinariness is a nobodiness. Only people who suffer from inferiority seek extraordinariness. If one has come home there is no search for extraordinariness, there is no search for speciality. To be ordinary is so extraordinarily beautiful.

But I can understand his trouble. He wants to have an ego trip through me. So he is disturbed - Osho is not doing any kind of miracles. He is a sannyasin, but what kind of surrender is this? This is not surrender. He has not even come into my presence yet, he has not yet got what I call that “connectivity.” He has not been touched by me and he has not touched me yet. And he is a sannyasin. He must have been in a hurry. He should have waited a little.

Just the other day his woman came - Urmi, his woman. And she was crying and she was saying, “What to do, Osho? Praghosh puts me on such a high pedestal. He almost thinks of me as if I am a goddess, and then he makes me feel guilty because I am a human being. He expects me to be a goddess, and if I don’t behave like a goddess, then he makes me feel guilty.” While she was relating her misery and story I was thinking, “So he is doing that to you too.” That’s what he wants to do with me and to me. He wants to put me on a high pedestal - to be a miracle man or something extraordinary that doesn’t happen.

Once he has put me on a high pedestal he will be in control. Then he will be powerful over me because he will have the control. If he wants to take me off the pedestal - it is his pedestal, he can. That’s what he is doing to his woman too. First he puts her on a high pedestal and then he tortures her. He becomes powerful.

How the ego goes on playing tricks! You have to watch. On the surface it looks just the opposite - that he is such a humble man, and he puts his woman in such a high place that she is a goddess. You will think he is very humble. He is not. He is very tricky; he is being very political. And he may not be consciously doing it; it may be just his unconscious ego trip. Once you have put the woman up as a goddess, you are powerful. Then she cannot be human, then you can find faults with her, and then she will be afraid of you. Afraid, because you can put her down any time. That is what he wants to do with me too.

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