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Chapter 8: The Whole Sky Belongs to You

People can move around and around you, just on the periphery; nobody can reach to the center. Neither can you reach to anybody else’s center. The innermost core is absolutely private. Even lovers cannot penetrate it. Deep in love, still you cannot penetrate it.

That is the misery of lovers: they would like to penetrate each other, they would like to go as far as possible, they would like to meet and mingle and become one, and all efforts fail. Whatsoever they do, they find that it doesn’t succeed. Somewhere they remain two. Somewhere the separateness remains. They can forget that they are separate, but they cannot become one.

That is the misery of love, the suffering, the anguish, because love would like to become one. Love would like to lose all separateness, all boundaries. But again and again; one comes to the boundary, the limitation.

So, this is the first basic fact to understand: that except for yourself, nobody can penetrate your privacy. That is the difference between a rock and you. The rock can be penetrated to the very center; it has no privacy. That is the difference between matter and consciousness.

Matter has no privacy; consciousness has privacy. Matter can be understood from the outside because matter has no inside. There is nothing like inner in matter; everything is outer. And in consciousness, just the opposite is the case: everything is inner and nothing is outer

Consciousness is an infinite inwardness.

Consciousness is depth, matter is surface. Matter is like the waves on the ocean; you, consciousness, you are the depth of the ocean. And this inwardness can never be penetrated because once it is penetrated it becomes a public thing; it becomes an object. It is no more inward, it becomes outward. If somebody can see you, you are reduced to an object, to a thing. You are not a man then. Try to understand this. That’s why whenever somebody looks at you, stares at you, you feel uneasy.

In Hindi we call that type of man luchcha. The word means: one who stares at you. The word luchcha comes from lochan; lochan means: the eye. One who goes on staring at you, goes on staring at you, is violating, is trespassing. He is not civilized. He is uncivil, uncultured.

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