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Chapter 7: The Eternal Now

Tarakam.sarvathavishayam.akramam.. Ordinarily we see everything in a gradual process, in karma, in a gradual process - a child becoming young, a young man becoming old - slowly, as if a film is being projected very slowly on the screen. That’s how we see it. But the ultimate knowledge is total and absolute; in a single moment everything is revealed.

Ordinarily we move with a small torch in a dark night. When the torch shows us one tree, other trees are hidden in darkness. When the torch moves to other trees, the first tree has moved into darkness. You can see only a little patch of the path. But that ultimate knowledge is like lightning: suddenly you see the whole forest, in one vision.

These are all just symbolic. Don’t extend and don’t stretch these symbols too much. They are just to give you subtle indications of what happens. In fact it cannot be said.

Now, chronological time is politics, history, economics, money, things, intellect, the market, Wall Street. Psychological time is dream, myth, poetry, love, art, intuition, painting, dance, drama. Real time is existence, science and religion.

Science is trying to penetrate existence through the objective approach; and religion tries to penetrate the same reality through the subjective approach; and yoga is the synthesis of both.

The word science is beautiful; it means the capacity to see. It exactly means what the Indian word darshan means. The word darshan should not be translated as philosophy; it can be translated more accurately as science - the capacity to see.

Science is trying to penetrate the ultimate through the objective, from the outside. Religion is trying to penetrate the same ultimate through the subjective. And yoga is the highest synthesis; yoga is both, science and religion together.

Yoga is the suprascience and suprareligion. Yoga is neither Hindu nor Mohammedan nor Christian - it is suprareligious. And of course it is a suprascience because it is the science of man - it is the science of the scientist himself. It touches the ultimate. That’s why I call it the alpha and the omega, unio mystica, the ultimate synthesis.

Enough for today.