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Chapter 8: Beyond the Rhythms of the Mind to Being

But if you fall not asleep but into the meditative state - they are similar, almost similar - than you will not be able to remember anything. Because when you fall into a meditative state, theta, or sometimes you can move into the fourth also, the delta, then there will be no memory at all because you are going somewhere which is not part of the mind, somewhere where memory does not function, somewhere off the track. You are not on the superhighway, you are moving in the forest of your unconscious being: uncharted, no maps, thinking doesn’t function - no ideas can be applied to it. Then you will come back with a jerk as if you had been lost. You will come back with a jerk to the superhighway again, where milestones exist and everything is clean and the map exists - and you can understand where you are.

You are not just falling asleep; otherwise you will know, because you know sleep. For many lives you have been sleeping; you are perfectly acquainted with the phenomenon. If you live sixty years, twenty years are passed in sleep. It is not an ordinary phenomenon. Sixty years’ life, twenty years are passed in sleep: every day, one third of your time is sleep time. You know it; you know it well. And this is not only for one life - for millions of lives you have been sleeping, one third every life. In fact there is no other activity which takes so much time. No other single activity takes so much time. You neither love for eight hours nor do you eat for eight hours nor do you meditate for eight hours. Sleep is the most significant thing. How can you be unaware of it? Maybe dimly aware, but you are aware: memory will function.

But you are falling off the track, where you have never been. That’s why you come with a jerk. Something unknown touches your being. That’s why you cannot decide “whether I am going deep or just asleep.” Be happy. If you can decide, then it is sleep; if you can recognize, then it is sleep. If you cannot recognize, then something from the beyond is penetrating you and you are penetrating into the beyond. Be happy. Delight in it, and allow it. One day it becomes possible, when you go again and again and again into the unknown, then you become acquainted with the territory. Then there may be no common map, but you have your own private map of it. At least you know where you are going.

So the only thing to be done is: when you close your eyes be come more alert, because more alertness will be needed. Into the deeper darkness more light will be needed. Become alert, and as you start falling into somewhere - the unknown - try to keep alertness. By and by, one learns the knack of it. And then every night when you are falling asleep, again try it - just to give it practice. When you start feeling drowsy, inside remain alert and go on seeing what is happening. One day you will see: drowsiness has come, sleep has entered, and alertness is still there. That day is the most beautiful day of any life. When you can remain alert and move into deep sleep you have moved into the fourth, the delta. That is the deepest center of your being.

Of course one has to earn it, one has to learn it, one has to become capable of it. It does not happen, ordinarily. It is not an ordinary state of mind; it is a very extraordinary state of mind. That’s why Krishna declared it five thousand years before, and for five thousand years there existed no scientific proof for it - it appeared to be just a philosophical theory:

Ya nisha sarva bhutayam tasyam jagrati samyami

After five thousand years, now, a few scientific proofs are arising. You can also move into it, and when it becomes a scientific proof of your own understanding it is a revelation.

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