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Chapter 9: Pure Land Paradise

Most wonderful blest will be those beings who, on hearing this sutra, will not tremble, nor be frightened, or terrified..
Moreover, Subhuti, the Tathagata’s perfection of patience is really no perfection.
And why? Because, Subhuti, when the king of Kalinga cut my flesh from every limb, at that time I had no perception of a self, of a being, of a soul, or a person.
And why? If, Subhuti, at that time I had had a perception of self, I would also have had a perception of ill will at that time..

He reminds Subhuti of his old experience of a past life, when the king of Kalinga had cut off his limbs. He says, “At that time when my limbs were cut off, my hands were cut off, my legs were cut off, and my tongue and my eyes were taken away, I was watching and I could not see any “I” arising in me. There was nobody who was seeing it, there was nobody who was hurt by it. If any perception of “I” had arisen at that time, then it would have been followed by ill will. Then I would have been angry with the king who was killing me and destroying me, but I was not angry; there was no anger.”

The ego brings anger. Anger is the shadow of the ego. The ego brings aggression, violence. Once the ego disappears all violence disappears. A man becomes love only when the ego has completely disappeared.

And further, Subhuti, it is for the weal of all beings that a bodhisattva should give gifts in this manner.
And why? This perception of a being, Subhuti, that is just a non-perception. Those all-beings of whom the Tathagata has spoken, they are indeed no-beings.
And why? Because the Tathagata speaks in accordance with reality, speaks the truth, speaks of what is, not otherwise. A tathagata does not speak falsely..
”Tathagata,” Subhuti, is synonymous with true suchness..

Buddha says, “I have said only that which is - yatha bhutam. I have not said anything else. That’s why my statements are so paradoxical, so illogical - because truth is illogical. To understand truth, you will have to drop logic.”

Enough for today.