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Chapter 21: Totality Transforms Quality

This is what I call a spiritual life. A spiritual life is not a life of discipline. It is a life of spontaneity. Of course spontaneity has its own inner discipline, but to call it discipline is not good. It has its own order, but to use the word order is not good because the word is misused too much. Good.


I feel like I just want to be in the group - and not do anything.

[the group leader, prompted by Osho for comment] He has come a couple of times to the middle but hasn’t worked. Things seemed to have changed in him, but he hasn’t actually taken the decision to work.

[to the group member] You follow your inner feelings.

[to the group leader] Allow him to follow. If he feels like not doing anything, perfectly good.

[to the group member] Then that is your way. If you feel like not doing anything, then just be. But if you feel any moment that you would like to do something again, don’t make it a bondage that you have said you don’t want to do anything.

Move with the moment. If one moment you don’t feel like doing anything, wait, just be. If the next moment you feel like doing, do. Just feel and float and don’t create any problem out of it; it is perfectly good.

You don’t have much to throw out, so don’t feel depressed because you are not doing anything. Just feel happy. This is the goal of all doing - that everybody comes to the point of being, just being. Perfectly good, be happy about it. This is a possibility that when the whole group is doing something, a person who does not feel like doing anything may start feeling a little strange, out of line, not moving with the group, not flowing with the group. But don’t be worried.

There are two situations in which a person falls out of the group: he may be suppressing something and he will not allow it because he has much investment in his suppressions - the habit has gone too deep and he has become almost incapable of relaxing; that is ninety-nine percent. One percent is the possibility that you don’t have anything to throw out - and I see that is the case with you.

The group has to follow the rule for the ninety-nine; it has no rule for the one percent. That one percent is exceptional; rarely it happens. So don’t be worried - and don’t force anything, otherwise it will be a repression in the other direction. You may not feel like doing anything but you go on doing because everybody else is, and the whole climate is of doing, and people are doing fantastic things - and you are simply sitting there. The mind tends to say, “Do something. Why are you sitting there? You look like a fool!”

Be a fool and follow the inner voice. Ninety-nine percent of the time the inner voice is not there - just the tricky mind - but that is not the case with you.

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