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Chapter 31: Watchfulness: The Essential Religion

And my showering of love.these are just to nourish your roots, not to destroy them. If you have a German heart, my love will make it more German, and if you have an Italian lousiness, my love will make it really lousy. You look at my photographer Niskriya; the more I shower my love on him the more perfect he becomes.

You have to become yourself.

Whatever is your natural tendency, your potential, my love has to nourish it, not to wash it away. Of course these pre-monsoon showers are a little hard and soak the roots, but don’t be worried. I take care that nobody goes astray from himself or herself. It is perfectly beautiful that something opened in you Nandan, that makes you want to dance and sing. But dance perfectly and sing perfectly!

“It feels so good to feel so drunk with love in the middle of the day, rather than pulling myself together after discourse and getting carried away with organizing and getting things done more efficiently.”

Somehow you have got the wrong idea that I would like you not to have your German quality. It has its own beauty - to work efficiently, to organize anything perfectly. My love should make you capable of doing things efficiently with a song in your heart, of organizing things perfectly with a dance in your being. They should not be antagonistic to one another but complimentaries, helping each other. And this is for everyone. You can only be your authentic self. Once in a while you can be on a holiday - that is not a distraction, just the weekend. Monday, you come back to your original self.

You are asking, “Any advice as to how to combine these two sides? Or should I just let go and see what happens?”

You just let go. There is no need of combining them. They are complimentaries; they will help each other and become an organic unity.

If you can watch silently, then all opposites can be supportive of each other and all contradictions can dissolve into a beautiful orchestra.

Mistress Goldblum brought her husband’s remains to the undertaker to have them cremated. When asked what kind of container she wanted his ashes stored in, she said, “None. I want them poured right into my hands.”

The undertaker thought this rather odd, but did as the widow requested. Mrs. Goldblum returned home and went straight to the bedroom. She dimmed the lights, put romantic music on the stereo and whispered, “Hymie, here is that blow-job you always wanted.” And she blew his ashes all over the floor.

Now if Jews disappear from the world, something tremendously beautiful will be gone! The world exactly needs the people there are. There are lazy people - they are needed. They are part of a relaxed, utterly contented flowering that is of its own kind. And there are perfectionists. They are needed, otherwise everything will be topsy turvy. There are so many kinds of people. They create a variety, and variety in itself is tremendously needed.

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