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Chapter 29: A Real Encounter with Existence

If he feels that he has some message coming from the beyond, not from his mind.and it is very clear when something comes from beyond your mind; you can see the difference. It is absolutely new and fresh, you had never known it before. Mind is a gramophone record; it goes on repeating the same thing - what it knows. And most often it gets stuck. Then there is great difficulty.

When I was a student it happened once.. I used to go all over the country to university competitions for eloquence, or debates. In Varanasi, in the Sanskrit university there was an all-India competition. Because the scholars of the Sanskrit university did not know any English, and all the other competitors were perfectly educated in English, the debaters from the Sanskrit university must have carried a certain inferiority complex - although the debate was in Hindi so that everybody could participate, whether they knew English or not, whether they knew Sanskrit or not. At least everybody knew Hindi.

After I had spoken it was the turn of a student from the Sanskrit university, and because of that inferiority complex he must have crammed a quotation from Bertrand Russell. So four or five lines in Hindi he spoke perfectly well, and then he quoted Bertrand Russell in English and got stuck in the middle of the sentence. I was just by his side, so just to help him I said, “Start again.” I thought that perhaps.sometimes if you start again, maybe you won’t get stuck again. I had not told him to start the whole speech again, but he had crammed the whole thing as one piece.

He could not start from the quotation of Bertrand Russell, so he started again from “Brothers and sisters..” The whole convocation hall of the university was full and people started laughing and clapping. And he again went through all those sentences, came to the quotation - and people were clapping, “Go on, go on!” - and he got there and the needle got stuck again. He looked at me. I said, “Start again.”

The situation was very embarrassing - what to do? because he could not go ahead. That was the only way, to go into reverse and start again. Rather than standing there and looking like a fool, he started again, “Brothers and sisters..” It was such a hilarious scene that even the judges started laughing, and he came exactly to the same point and got stuck.

It was a great blessing that by that time his time was finished; otherwise he would have had to start again, because there was no other way. When he came back and sat by my side, I said, “You did great.”

He said, “What great? You are the person who put me in the trouble. If you had not said to start again, I would never have imagined the very idea of starting again. But I was in such a bad situation that I had to accept your idea, knowing perfectly well that this was foolish. But standing without saying anything in the middle of a sentence, it is better to start again. Who knows? - you may pass through, the needle may move on.”

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