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Chapter 6: Blind Man’s Bluff

As if a new lease of energy, something came up. He started laughing and he said, “I always suspected it. You are the only man who has understood me. Nobody understands! I am perfectly healthy.” And he told his wife, “Look! Look at what Osho says: I am perfectly healthy. Do you need any other certificate?” He asked me, “Now there is no need to go to the hospital?”

I said, “Absolutely no need to go to any doctor, to any physician. Don’t think of it, you are perfectly healthy. Rarely have I seen such a healthy man.”

He smiled, but a suspicion was there in his eyes. He could not believe me completely - how could an ill man believe me? He knows deep down that he is ill, but he is afraid to accept the fact. Then he said, “Then there is no need?”

I said, “There is no need, but just for your neurotic wife, it will be good if you go to the doctor. You are perfectly healthy - but this poor woman is suffering so much.”

He laughed. He said, “Then I can go. But are you certain that I am not ill?”

I said, “Absolutely certain. Nothing is wrong with you. But just to console this poor woman, go to the doctor and let your body be examined. There is nothing wrong.”

He said, “Then I can go.” And that’s how he was caught in the hospital.

And the same is the trouble with you. The same is the trouble with every man. You are afraid of something. From Socrates up to now, or from the Vedas up to now, all those who have had any glimpse of themselves have been insisting on self knowledge: Know thyself. Nobody listens to them, nobody really listens to them. Everybody creates a protective armor around himself against self knowledge. Something seems to be at risk. And the problem seems to be very complex. Why are you afraid of self knowledge?

In your ignorance you have a certain feeling of blissfulness. Ignorance gives a false feeling of blissfulness because one lives on the surface. In fact one doesn’t live, one simply drifts. Irresponsibly one drifts. With self knowledge enters responsibility. You cannot be as you are if you know yourself. You cannot indulge in whatsoever you are indulging if you know yourself. You cannot remain the same if you know yourself. There is going to be a radical change through self knowledge, and that change seems to be too much. You feel almost established. You feel almost in comfort.

You have made a house; you think this is the home. But you have made the house on the road. The journey has not yet ended, but you have convinced yourself that the end has come. Now, to know yourself will mean again a beginning, again a birth, again moving. Now, to know yourself will mean this is not a house where you are staying. This may be a serai, a dharmshala, but it is not a home. For an overnight stay it is good, but in the morning - the journey.

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