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Chapter 6: Strive to No Goals

Or, if they cannot do anything - for example, in the past women all over the world were never allowed to do these stupidities that men are allowed. They were not allowed to smoke, they were not allowed to chew gum or things like that; they were not good and graceful. So what did they do? They started talking. That’s why girls talk more, because a substitute is needed. The mouth must go on: they start talking.

You cannot find two women sitting and not talking with each other - unless they are English women, who are not women at all. So much has been suppressed in them, they have become just like zombies. Otherwise women go on chattering; just like birds in the trees, they go on chattering. Just the other day a few women were working here in the garden. The whole day they chattered - the whole day! It cannot be purposeful because there is nothing, but they chattered - the mouth just wants to eat continuously.

You see people sitting in a theater. They will go on moving their legs. Why are they sitting there? They should go out and walk! They are doing both. They cannot sit silently. And this is what is happening to your mind.

Mind is good in itself. Everything is good in itself, in its place. Then everything fits. The shoe fits perfectly when everything is in its place. When mind is needed, use it; when it is not needed, put it aside. You remain the master and everything is a function.

But the mind has taken over. Whatsoever you are doing, it goes on and on - as if you cannot turn your radio off, the knob is broken. It remains on and on. You are sleeping and the radio goes on and on. You are resting, you are eating, you are making love, and the radio goes on and on. And you have to continuously tolerate it. By and by, you become oblivious to the fact that the radio remains on; you simply don’t listen.

That’s what has happened to your mind. It goes on and on and on; you don’t know where the knob is to turn it off. So you don’t listen, you simply tolerate it, neglect it. You have taken it for granted, as if it is going to be so.

This is not so, otherwise a buddha cannot happen. And when I say this, I say it through my own experience: it is not so. The knob can be replaced. That is all that meditations do. They don’t lead you to enlightenment, they simply replace a knob that is not there, or broken, or stuck, or it is still there, but you don’t know how to use it.

Meditation is a technique, and the technique can help only some function, not your being. So no meditation leads you to being directly, it simply fixes your functions. The shoe fits perfectly and you are enlightened.

Chuang Tzu is right: “When the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten.” When every function fits, the body is forgotten; when every function fits, this world of appearances is no more. You are enlightened! Suddenly everything is illuminated as it is.

If you wish to move in the one way
do not dislike even the world of senses and ideas.