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Chapter 6: Taking the Risk

He said, “Decisions like what should happen in Vietnam, or who should now become the prime minister of China - such great things I decide. And to what school the child is to go, and what type of car we have to purchase, and in what type of house we have to live, and what food we have to eat - things, small things like this - my wife decides. Fifty-fifty it goes - and everything is perfectly good.”

So if you make this type of agreement with me then it is okay. If great things you decide and small things you leave to me, then it is perfectly okay. Then you can decide whether the “God” exists as three or as one - I leave it to you. But how to meditate, I will decide.small things.

The second question:

You are the survivor of a shipwreck. You are able to find a small plank just capable of staying afloat with one person on it. Just then another survivor appears and attempts to join you on the plank. What would you do?

If I am myself, then I will jump off the plank and help the other person to survive. If I am you, then too I will jump off the plank and help the other person to survive. In both the cases I will do the same, but for different reasons.

If I am myself, then I know life is immortal, life is deathless. There is no problem for me. If I am you, then first let me tell an anecdote:

A British diplomat was visiting the mountain hideout where Adolf Hitler, in those terrifying days of the late nineteen-thirties, was deliberately attempting to break Western will by displaying how hopeless resistance was.

“What can the British do,” he demanded, “against an army so devoted to me that they will go to their death at my nod? Do you see that soldier there? Soldier, jump out of the window!”

Without a moment’s hesitation the soldier leaped out of the window to his death, leaving the British diplomat frozen in horror. Hitler smiled grimly. “I will show you once more. Soldier, jump out of that window!” A second soldier jumped.

A third time Hitler ordered suicide, but this time the British diplomat could not sit there idly. He seized the third German soldier by the arm, even as he headed for the window, and cried, “How can you abandon life so lightly!”

The soldier replied, “You call this a life?” Then he broke away and jumped.

Whatsoever you call life is not life at all. If I am you, I will jump. What I call life is eternal. If I am myself, then too I will jump - because there is going to be no death.

But the reasons will be absolutely different. Sometimes actions can be similar and reasons can be absolutely different. So never pay too much attention to the action. Always pay much more attention to the reason behind it.

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