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Chapter 14: A Rock among the Waves

I loved the place where I stayed in Kulu Manali for the simple reason that the river passing by was so full of rocks.day in, day out, there was music, there was dance. But as you know about me, even in my own country I am a foreigner. The government to which Kulu Manali belongs started freaking out. They had made a law that a man who is not born in their state cannot purchase any land - just to prevent me. But I needed a vast land for my commune, and it is as retarded a part of the country as you can conceive - uneducated, poor, completely in the grip of the politicians.

You will be surprised that the day I left Kulu Manali, the arrangement was that they were going to arrest me on a very fictitious, absurd account. To them it may have looked like very solid ground.. As I left Kulu Manali, just within one hour the arrest warrant reached the place I had been living in. The arrest warrant was hilarious - and makes me feel about our experts that they are donkeys loaded with knowledge.

The reason for arrest was that I had paid four hundred thousand dollars in fines in America, so I have to pay tax and I have to explain from where I got the money. I have never paid any fine anywhere in the world. I don’t know even the names of the people who paid the fine. Even my jailer was surprised, because they were not expecting it, knowing perfectly well that I don’t have a single cent to pay. And imposing four hundred thousand dollars.it is nearabout sixty lakh rupees. From where am I going to pay it?

But I am not a man who worries about anything. Not for a single moment did the idea even arise in me that this could be a strategy - to keep me in jail until the fine was paid.

And I never think of the tomorrow. Today is too beautiful and too fulfilling - who cares about tomorrows which never come?

As I was fined.it is a strange thing but it has to be stated publicly to the whole world. They had thirty-four charges against me, all fictitious, and they agreed with my attorneys that if two of the crimes were accepted, I would be freed.

My problem is, what about the other thirty-two crimes that I have committed? The government of America is deceiving their own nation. If I have really committed those thirty-two crimes, then there is no other way; I should be punished. But for the first time I realized that in America, justice is part of business. Accept two crimes and the other thirty-two crimes disappear - and any two crimes; they were not even insistent about what crimes. And the two crimes were so stupid that nobody can think that a person should be fined even if he has committed them.

Four hundred thousand dollars.and to ask a man, knowing perfectly well that he has not touched money for almost thirty years - I had been in America for five years, and I don’t know how the dollar bill looks. But I have thousands of people who managed immediately, within ten minutes. Even Judge Leavy was surprised that they paid the fine. And the crimes, if you look into it, are not even worth paying two rupees.

One crime was that I had inside myself an intention to become a resident of America. I never thought that people had yet found any way to know the intentions, the dreams, the imaginations of people’s minds - and when I am saying that I don’t have any intention to live in this most ugly and obscene society.

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