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Chapter 17: Outgoing, Ingoing

You were perfectly right - but the whole of life is not an Encounter group. He has asked how you are. You simply say, “Perfectly okay” and go on your way. When you say perfectly okay, it doesn’t mean that you mean it. Nobody is “perfectly okay.” Only rarely if a buddha comes across another buddha and says “Hello, how are you?” - only then “perfectly okay” will be perfectly okay. But it is rare - buddhas never meet.

Just be conscious. Whatsoever you are doing - wearing a mask - be conscious; wear it knowingly. It should not be an automatic thing.

I feel many fears with this also. Whenever I change masks there is fear.

Fear is there too, and that too, is natural. Death is there so fear is bound to be there. You will become fearless only when you have come to know that which is deathless within you, not before it.

Accept that too, and be aware of it. One should be aware of everything layer by layer. Man is just like an onion. Layer upon layer - fear, jealousy, anger, hatred, sadness - then you come to an emptiness. That emptiness - upon which there are so many layers - is you, your being. The taste of being is just like non-being. It is so vast that it is empty.

This is good that layers are coming on the way. There is no need to throw them, no need to run naked on the streets. You know that you are naked under the clothes; perfectly okay, one has to remember that. But you have to wear clothes, because everybody may not be ready to see you naked, so why unnecessarily impose on them?

Another thing: sometimes when I am in the street, or I am walking or on my bicycle, I remember myself - because I have done the Gurdjieff training. But you say to drop the technique; that it is not for me.

If you want you can continue, but then don’t bring me problems about it. This is the trouble with you people: you were doing it and you were bringing problems about it to me, so I had to tell you to stop it. But if you want to, continue; that is your thing then. You follow me? Because you insist on doing something and then you create problems..

I don’t insist; it comes alone.

Drop it whenever it comes - because you don’t know what you are doing. If you are riding on a bicycle and you try the method of self-remembering, then one day or another you will have an accident. Gurdjieff was not aware of Pune streets and the Pune traffic. For that technique you need total isolation, otherwise you will be in danger. So there is no need to create unnecessary dangers; that which can be avoided, should be. If I feel someday that you need it, I will send you to some lonely place and you can do it there - but not on Pune streets.

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