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Chapter 2: Service with a Smile

Can you think that a man who walks on water, a man who raises dead people back to life, a man who restores the eyes of the blind, the limbs of the crippled just by his touch, was not able even to carry the cross up the hill? Three times he fell - the cross was too heavy - and three times they gave him a good beating to get up again and carry the cross. And this is the prophet, the only begotten son of God!

With Jesus the idea of service has come into existence: serve the poor. But why? In fact, logically, he said, “Blessed are the poor, for they shall inherit the kingdom of God.” If that is true, make more people poor. The rich people cannot enter into paradise. A camel can pass through the eye of a needle, but a rich man cannot enter into the gate of paradise. If that is the case, why serve the poor? If anybody needs service, it is the rich. Steal their money, make them poor, so they can inherit the kingdom of God.

Poverty is perfectly right, according to Jesus’ own statements. It is good to be poor - according to Jesus - it is great to be poor.

I hate poverty! And I hate Jesus for making such statements, consoling the poor and protecting the rich. It seems that Jesus is on the side of the poor.and what help has he given to the poor? And what help has Christianity given to the poor?

Even in Christian countries there is immense poverty. Even in the richest country, America, there are three million people on the streets; in this cold winter they are dying. What are the Christians doing for those people? And they are Christians, but nobody is interested in them. They are already Christians, they will inherit the kingdom of God.

And America goes on sending missionaries around the world to help the poor. Strange.. They cannot help their own poor because they are already Christian. So that is the criterion: service is meant to convert poor people, because just bread and butter and clothes and medicine will purchase them.

Mohammedans used to do the conversion in a different way, a very short cut - by the sword. Either be a Mohammedan, or the sword is going to cut off your head. Because the Koran says, “The more you convert people to Mohammedanism, the more virtuous you are - and only Mohammedans will be saved,” so they are cutting off your head in service. They were trying hard to make you a Mohammedan, because that is the only way to reach to God - and you refused. “It is better for you to die than be a Hindu, a Christian, a Jew. Be born again and we will see. If not in this life, then in another life, you will be converted to Mohammedanism.”

Their way was short, just a simple sword hanging over your neck. And they converted many; they are the second greatest religion. Christians have the most people, and the second most are Mohammedans.

Christianity persuades people with a little sophistication. Mohammedans were absolutely in a hurry. Christians take time: they adopt orphans, they find leftover children in Calcutta. They bring them up, they give them education - but all for the purpose of increasing the power of Christianity. The whole earth has to be turned into a Christian world; then only people will be saved.

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