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Chapter 9: India: From Slavery to Freedom

A really disciplined society does not need to depend much on the government or on the politicians, so we have to learn that too - that politicians are reaping a good crop out of your misery. Only they are benefited, nobody else, and they are all in a conspiracy. If one party fails, and every party is bound to fail because the problems are vast and no party has the guts to disconnect itself from the past. Every party goes on respecting the past, honoring the past, because that’s the only way to get the votes.

I get only curses from all over the country; they would like to kill me. Every day I receive letters saying: “You should be killed! You should be thrown out of the country.” Now, no politician can risk so much, so they have to go on paying respect to the past, knowing perfectly well that it cannot help you. We have to create a new present and through it a new future, but the politicians cannot do it.

I am creating sannyasins. These sannyasins can do much, not only for this country but for the whole world. They can bring a new education into existence, a new kind of man, a new kind of discipline, a new love for life and creativity, a new consciousness, a meditativeness. When a person acts out of that meditation his acts are always beneficial to himself and to others. He is a blessing to himself and to the whole universe too.

The last question:

Is there any joke that even you would not dare to tell?

I have never come across any such joke yet. If you can find one, send it to me! To me all jokes are beautiful - the more outrageous they are the more beautiful, because my work here consists of shattering all your conceptions, your prejudices. So there is not a single joke that I have come across which I would not dare to tell. There is no question of daring - I simply enjoy.

A nice little old lady bought a parrot for companionship in the sunset of her life. The sweet little creature - the woman, I mean - had very sedate bridge parties and teas once or twice a week, and the parrot always disgraced her by screeching the word, “Shit!” over and over again.

This practice continued until the old lady tried to discipline the parrot by putting it in the refrigerator, but the parrot continued to screech this obscenity. Finally when the parrot made its usual utterance, the old lady put it in the freezer and at the same time plucked out a couple of feathers. This went on for weeks.

During the last period in the freezer the parrot noticed a turkey trussed up and ready for the oven lying on the shelf below. Of course it was completely plucked.

The parrot eyed the turkey and asked, “What did you say? Fuck?”

Enough for today.