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Chapter 7: Man Is an Empty Temple

Reform paints. Revolution destroys the old outer structure but the inner structure remains the same. In Soviet Russia or in China the inner man is the same, there is no difference, not a bit. The same mind - the same greedy, ambitious, egoistic mind; the same mind that is found in America or in capitalist countries - no difference in that mind. But the outer structure of the society has been changed. And the outer structure of laws, state, economics, politics - that has been changed. Once the police force, the governmental power is taken away, man will fall back to his old pattern again. The Russian society can be managed only by force, it cannot become democratic, because to allow people to be independent will be allowing them to bring their inner being again into their lives. That is there. They have been prevented, they have been obstructed; they cannot live it. They have to live by what the government says, they cannot live according to their being.

So communism is basically dictatorial. It will remain dictatorial, because the fear is that if man is given freedom, then because his consciousness is there - the greed is there, the ambition is there, and all that has always been is there - it will start working again. People will become rich, poor, powerful, powerless. People will start exploiting each other, people will start fighting for their ambitions. Those who are powerful in Russia, they are still doing the same. Khrushchev used to brag about his cars, because he had many. Nobody else can have them in Russia, but everybody wants to have. It is just enforcement, not real revolution.

Real revolution is spontaneous. That revolution is called rebellion.

A few more distinctions between these three words, then you will be able to understand Jesus’ approach.

Reform does not require much from you. It says: Just make your front door beautiful, let the whole house be dirty. You live in dirt. but don’t allow your neighbors to see your dirt. Just the front porch should be beautiful, because your neighbors are not interested in your inner being, in your inner house. They pass from the outside and they see only the front door. Do whatsoever you want, but do it from the back door. So the front door becomes a facade, a window, a showcase for the neighbors to see. You live from the back door really, you don’t live from the front door. The front door is just there, artificial; you never enter from it, you never go out from it - that is there just to be seen by others.

Watch your front doors - everybody has them. They are called faces, masks, personalities because they are persona: lipstick, and powder and cosmetics - they give you a persona. You are not that. It is a make-up.

Revolution goes a little deeper, but only a little deeper. It changes your drawing room so you can invite people to sit in your drawing room. In India it happens very much. In India the drawing room is beautiful, but don’t go beyond that. People’s kitchens are so dirty and ugly, their bathrooms are almost impossible. But in India nobody takes any care of the bathroom or the kitchen. The only care that is taken is of the drawing room; it is there where you meet your guests.

This is false; it does not touch your real being, but it keeps your prestige. That’s what morality is: it is a beautiful drawing room. And if you can afford it, you can have a Picasso painting in your drawing room also. It depends on how much you can afford.

Just the other day I was reading a small story:

Charlie was taking his out-of-town pal, George, for a stroll through the city. They were admiring the scenery when George observed “Say, will you look at that good-looking girl over there. She’s smiling at us. Know her?”

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