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Chapter 42: Everybody Is Enough

It is not difficult. Only individuals can relate; personalities cannot. Personalities are like shadows. They cannot meet, they cannot merge, because they don’t exist. Personalities are fake. That’s why in the whole world people are talking of love, but there is no love. They are talking of friendship, but there is no friendship - even talking of trust. But for that a tremendously powerful individuality is needed. Personalities cannot trust; they are always afraid - afraid that their reality may be exposed, may be known.

As far as my people are concerned, there is no problem; it is not a question of fighting for individuality. I declare you individuals, so your individuality is not a problem - that you have to protect it. You can mix and merge, you can be friends, you can be lovers. You can work together; you can work under each other without any fear because you have dropped the personality, which was always afraid. Now you have individuality, a solid rock which is fearless.

I have told you the story of Diogenes, that he was caught by four thieves. They wanted to sell him in a slave market. They were very happy to find such a beautiful, healthy individual. First they were afraid and they were hiding behind the trees near where Diogenes was sitting, thinking, “He alone is enough to finish all four of us!” He was a strong man.

Diogenes was listening to their whispers, “What to do? We are four, but he alone is enough..” Diogenes finally said, “Don’t bother - just come and take me where you want.”

They were very much afraid: what kind of man is this? They said, “We are thieves and we want to take you to the slave market, because for you we can get the highest price anybody has ever got. We cannot normally find slaves of your individuality, beauty, proportion, strength.”

Diogenes said, “Don’t be worried.” They started trying to tie him up; he said, “Stop, there is no need to bind me. You come behind me, I know the way.”

They could not believe it - that man is mad or what? And he started moving towards the slave market. And everybody who saw them on the way thought that he was the master and they were the slaves. Those four poor thieves were so afraid: “This man can do anything. We got unnecessarily involved with this man!”

And this is what he did: he stood on the pulpit where the slaves have to stand so every buyer can see them, go around and look at them, and he shouted, “Listen, all you slaves who are here! For the first time a master is for sale. If any one of you has guts, you can purchase me. And these poor fellows, four fellows you see - they need money. And it does not matter to me where I am. My individuality cannot be destroyed.”

There was great silence. The whole marketplace became utterly silent, because he had said, “A master is for sale.” One king who had come to look for a few slaves became interested, and he was ready to pay any price. Diogenes asked the thieves, “How much do you want? Don’t be shy - just ask it. Get the money and get lost!”

They got the money. Diogenes sat on the chariot with the king, and the king said, “This is strange. You should not have done that.”

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