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Chapter 1: The Individual Versus the Society

In the Ukraine, where the disaster has happened, they will not be able to grow food for thirty years, and that is the province which supplies food to the whole Soviet Union. Now the Soviet Union will be the most hungry country in the world. And everywhere in Europe the radiation level has gone up - to one hundred times, to two hundred times the amount which is tolerable for human beings. To breathe that air, to drink that milk or water, to eat vegetables or fruits - everything is dangerous. Now all those parliaments are silent.

I am dangerous, and nuclear weapons are not dangerous.. It seems to be simply an insane world.

Does the being, or self, in the person die with the death of the person; or does it live beyond death in another body?

The question is a little complicated.

First you have to understand that your personality is not your reality; it is given by the culture, by the society.

Individuality is yours, but personality is not yours.

As personality you are always dead; only as individuality are you alive. But to be an individual you have to rebel against personality and against all those people who are forcing a certain personality on you.

Each child is born with a certain potential to be - and each society tries to make him something else.

I have heard about a man who was celebrating the golden jubilee of his marriage. All his friends, relatives, acquaintances, had gathered. There was much joy, laughter. But suddenly they realized that the man was missing. They could not understand where he had gone. They looked in the garden and he was sitting in the shadows, in darkness, by the side of a tree, very sad.

His friends said, “This is strange. You have called all of us to celebrate, and you are sitting here in such sadness as if somebody has died! What is the problem?”

He said, “The problem is.This woman that I married has tortured me so much that twenty-five years ago I inquired of my attorney, ‘If I shoot her, what will be the result?’ He said, ‘Are you mad? If you shoot her you will get twenty-five years in jail!’ And I am feeling sad because today I would have been free. That idiot attorney has died; otherwise I would have killed him! He made me afraid.”

A man has to live with a woman he does not love, which is simply misery. A woman has to live with a man.which is simply misery, hell. A man has to work in a certain profession he hates. Everybody becomes something that he does not like. This is your personality. Society distracts everybody from his natural individuality and makes him something other than he was destined to be.

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