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Chapter 4: Two Empty Skies Meeting

“Well,” the woman commented, “I hope they are not planning to have any children.”

The ego is the child of the personality. Many people would like to drop the ego, but they don’t understand the inner connection. They would like to drop the ego because it gives so much misery. It continuously hurts, it is like a wound. It never allows you any rest, it always keeps you restless. It is a disease. Many people by and by start feeling that it is better if they can get rid of the ego, but they never think that this is the child of the personality. If you want to get rid of the ego, you will have to drop your personality.

That’s why Buddha left the palace - because it was impossible to drop the personality and still be a prince. Mahavira became naked, he dropped even his clothes - he was one of the most courageous men the world has ever known - because he came to realize that even clothes are not for the body; they are just part of a social mannerism, just part of a social etiquette. Of course he suffered for it. He was chased out of towns - people used to throw stones at him. They thought he had gone crazy. He suffered for it, but his achievement was tremendous out of it.

By and by his personality completely eroded, disappeared. When the personality disappeared, when all that he had learned from the society was dropped - all pretensions, all exhibitionist tricks, all ego-trips - suddenly he saw that ego has also disappeared.

He left his palace, his father’s palace, he dropped his clothes, and he dropped language also: for twelve years he didn’t speak a single word. His logic was absolutely correct, because in our very language our personalities have entered. The way you speak, the way you use words, may be part of your personality.

You can see it. If a man comes from a village you can see by his language that he is a villager. If a man comes from a very rich, cultured family, you can see by his language that he comes from a cultured family - and of course Mahavira was a prince. In the very language personality enters - in your expressions, in your gestures.

Mahavira for twelve years completely dropped everything. He was the perfect dropout. Language, clothes, society, security, everything he dropped. Then by and by his innocence surfaced; all the layers of personality dropped, ego disappeared.

Remember, ego is very tricky. It is very subtle, its ways are very subtle. You drop it from one side, it comes from another. Unless you become very, very alert how it arises, how it feeds..

Divya is a primal therapist, she will enjoy this anecdote.

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