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Chapter 14: To Loosen the Bonds of Personality

And it is okay as far as the society is concerned. Use an unreal face when you go out, but when you go within, throw off that face completely. Don’t get identified with it, and don’t carry it inward. A day may come when you become so strong that you would like to move with a real face even in society, but that depends on you. One day you may become so happy with the real that you may be ready to lose the many conveniences that the unreal face can give, but that is up to you. First, look inward and, at least momentarily, put aside your personalities.

For through your own heart comes the one light which can illuminate life and make it clear to your eyes.

Only one thing is more difficult to know - your own heart. Not until the bonds of personality be loosed, can that profound mystery of self begin to be seen.

The personality works as a barrier, and the light from your heart cannot come to you. Discard the personality, even momentarily, temporarily, and the light will flood you, and you will enter a different world: the world of the heart.

Not till you stand aside from it, will it in any way reveal itself to your understanding.

You have to put yourself aside: your personality, your ego.

Not till you stand aside from it, will it in any way reveal itself to your understanding. Then, and not till then, can you grasp and guide it. Then, and not till then, can you use all its powers, and devote them to a worthy service.

And before that moment - when you yourself have come into deep contact with your innermost heart - you cannot do anything that is good, that is worthy. You cannot be of any service to anyone. Whatsoever you do, even with good will, will create evil, because the doer is ignorant. What you do is not significant. Who you are is more significant.

If you are ignorant, living in total darkness - if the light from the heart has not penetrated you, has not yet filled you - you may have good wishes, goodwill, but whatsoever you do will result in evil, because nothing good can come out of a dark heart.

So, don’t try to be of any service to anyone unless you have come to the inner light. Then your whole life will become a service. Then there will be no need to make it a duty; then you will not serve anyone as a duty. Then service will spontaneously flow out of you. And when service becomes spontaneous, with no concept of duty in it, when service becomes love - when you cannot do anything else but serve; when there is no question of making others happy; when really the contrary has happened: you are so happy that now happiness overflows in you and reaches others - only then does good result from whatsoever you do.

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