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Chapter 10: Use That Clarity

For half an hour he looked inside. His whole face relaxed, and after half an hour when he came back, he was a totally different man. He said, “I could watch, I could see, and just seeing and looking at it, suddenly there was the realization that I am separate from the pain.”

Those six months became a blessing. He had to remain on the bed, but he continued watching. For the first time in his life he became a meditator. Now he says that that was the greatest thing that has happened in his life. Now it has become an everyday process. For at least two or three hours he lies down on the bed, on his back - and now there is no need - just to watch.

One should always be looking for methods of how to change a calamity into a blessing. There is always a way; one has just to look for it. This is the basic art of life - how to change misery into celebration, how to change a curse into a blessing, how to use suffering to grow, how to use pain to be reborn.

Try. It is going to be beautiful.


It’s been a really incredible experience, this group. Just a clarity that I’ve never had before.

Clarity is the target. Pains and suffering remain with life, they are part of it. You just need a clarity to see everything in the right perspective, everything where it belongs. Then it all falls in line; even pain, even suffering, become part of a greater harmony. Not that they change. They remain, they are a part of life, but now they are not isolated facts - they have become part of a greater whole. When you are clear in your perspective you can see that the greater whole cannot exist without this part; it is a must.

You accept it, because happiness cannot be without unhappiness, and the day cannot be without the night. When everything falls in perspective the total attitude changes. Ordinarily you see one day between two nights. When you attain to a little clarity, you see two days with one night in between. Ordinarily when you look at unhappiness, sadness, frustration, you take it apart from the context, you look at it as an isolated thing, and then it is very painful because it seems meaningless.

The basic pain is meaningless - why is it there? Why does one suffer? And when you cannot see the why, it becomes unbearable. When you can see the why, it is no longer an isolated fact; it has become part of a pattern. And in a great painting, black is as much needed as white - otherwise the painting won’t exist. Unhappiness is needed as much as happiness. They are like two wings, and once you know they are two wings, you have to use both to fly in the sky of existence. Then you accept, and you accept in deep gratefulness. Even suffering is accepted, because now you see it has a meaning. It is a step to something greater; it is part of a bigger harmony. It is not isolated, it is meaningful.

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