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Chapter 27: The Collective Will to Survive

“‘Nobody will bother what transpired between you, what you talked about - nobody will bother about it - just your going to this man is enough to affect your position; even your prime-ministership will be gone.’ They are all against you - and I cannot go against them.”

The day she was assassinated I was thinking, Now, what about all those men? They could not save you from assassination. They prevented you from coming to me; they could not prevent you from going to death. Now what about position?

In fact if I was in her place I would have taken the risk even of being called mad. It is worth taking. I would have taken the risk even to be thrown out of office. At least it would have been on record that one person had tried his best to bring some sense to humanity.

But right now this humanity is so senseless that if it is destroyed perhaps it is the right time. But I am not at all a pessimist. I am an incurably optimistic man. I still hope against hope. The whole humanity perhaps may not be able to survive, but the few, a chosen few, can be saved. And that’s enough.

The whole world began with only one couple - Adam and Eve. If we can save just one couple, one swami, one ma, that will do! And that much we can manage.

So there is no need to be worried. Let the whole world go to hell. We will manage at least one ma and one swami, and they can start the whole game again!