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Chapter 17: Several Stop Techniques

You can waste this inner energy very simply. Just a thought will be enough to give it a direction; then you will go on thinking. When I say stop, it means stop totally, fully. Nothing is moving, as if the whole time has stopped. There is no movement - simply you are! In that simple existence, suddenly the center explodes.

The second technique:

When some desire comes, consider it. Then, suddenly, quit it.

This is a different dimension of the same technique.

When some desire comes, consider it. Then, suddenly, quit it.

You feel a desire - a desire for sex, a desire for love, a desire for food, anything. You feel a desire: consider it. When the sutra says consider it, it means do not think for or against it, just consider the desire, what it is.

A sexual desire comes to the mind. You say, “This is bad.” This is not consideration. You have been taught that this is bad, so you are not considering this desire, you are consulting the scriptures, you are consulting the past - the past teachers, the rishis - sages. You are not considering the desire itself, you are considering something else. You are considering many things; your conditioning, your upbringing, your education, your culture, your civilization, your religion - but not the desire.

This simple desire has come. Do not bring in the mind, the past, the education, the conditioning; do not bring in values. Just consider this desire - what it is. If your mind could be washed completely of all that has been given to you by the society, of all that your parents have given to you - the education, the culture - if your total mind could be washed out, the desire for sex will arise. It will arise, because that desire is not given to you by the society. That desire is biologically built in; it is in you.

For example, if a child is born and no language is taught, the child will not learn any language. He will remain without language. A language is a social phenomenon; it has to be taught. But when the right moment comes, the child will feel sexual desire. That is not a social phenomenon, it is biologically built in. The desire will come at the right mature moment. It is not social, it is biological - deeper. It is built into your cells.