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Chapter 20: Health: Overflowing Energy of Life

Questions from “Therapy Today” magazine, USA

Western societies have developed the costliest health system that ever existed. People spend billions of dollars a year for it and it is really successful in some fields of surgery or in transplantation and preventing infections. But it seems that people are more sick than they ever were before. What is health?

Western medical science has viewed man as a separate unit - apart from nature. That is one of the biggest faults that has been committed. Man is part of nature; his health is nothing but being at ease with nature.

Western medicine takes a mechanical view of man, so wherever mechanics can be successful, it is successful. But man is not a machine; man is an organic unity, and man needs not only the treatment of the part that is sick. The sick part is only a symptom that the whole organism is going through difficulties. The sick part is only showing it because it is the weakest.

You treat the sick part, you are successful.but then somewhere else the disease appears. You have prevented the disease from expressing itself through the sick part; you have made it stronger. But you do not understand that man is a whole: either he is sick or he is healthy, there is no station between the two. He should be taken as a whole organism.

I will give you a few examples which can make it clear to you.

Acupuncture was developed in China nearabout seven thousand years ago by accident. A hunter was trying to kill a deer, but as his arrow was moving towards the deer, a man not knowing what was happening came in between and the arrow hit the man’s leg. The man had been suffering from migraine his whole life; the moment the arrow hit his leg, the migraine disappeared. This was very strange. Nobody had thought about it in that way.

Out of that accident the whole of acupuncture developed, and developed to a full science. So if you go to an acupuncturist and you say, “Something is wrong with my eyes, or something is wrong with my head, or something is wrong with my liver,” he may not bother about your liver, your head or your eyes. He will think of the whole organism; he will try to heal you - not just the part that is sick.

Acupuncture has developed seven hundred points which were discovered in man’s body. Man’s body is a bioelectric phenomenon, alive. It has a certain electricity - hence we call it bioelectricity. This bioelectricity has seven hundred points in the body, and each point relates to some part of the body which may be far away from it. That’s what happened in that accident: the arrow hit a bioelectric point which related to the head, and the migraine disappeared.

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