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Chapter 8: Life Is beyond Your Control

Energy is neutral. If somebody is releasing energy and you don’t know how to make it positive, your own anger will arise. Watching an angry person, you will feel restless and angry. If you know how to use it - and tremendous energy is being released - you can absorb it.

But just now, this will be enough - that you don’t lose energy, and you come out of it without being tired.

I felt tired halfway through the forty-eight hours.

This was not because of the group but because of you. You are still resisting the idea of having to lead the group alone.

You should drop the resistance, because leading this group is going to be very helpful for you - and that is why I am insisting you do them.

Leave things to me so that I can decide what is to be done. It is better to be a puppet in my hands than in your own mind’s hand. So just drop that idea, and do it happily.enjoy it as much as you can. It is such a beautiful phenomenon: so many people working, and so many people being enriched; coming to breakthroughs, and coming to contact something they have never contacted before. And you become the midwife - be happy about it!

I don’t understand what’s happening to me.

You understand perfectly.

You are clever enough - and that is your burden. Drop all cleverness. Just be simple, almost idiotic, and then enjoy life. Only idiots can enjoy life, so you just try to be an idiot.

Lao Tzu says that the whole world is clever, only I am an idiot.