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Chapter 3: Walking without Crutches

And you are not the same - how can you be? If you are alive, you are a riverlike phenomenon. Twenty-four hours have passed. Twenty-four hours is like a millennium; millions of seconds have passed. How can you be the same? I don’t recognize you; I have never seen you before. You are absolutely new - how can I say the same thing to you that I said to you yesterday? And I am no longer the man who was here yesterday.

Life is constantly a resurrection. Every moment it dies, every moment it is born anew. But you go on carrying the old mind. You will never fit anywhere. And you know it: you never fit anywhere; you never fit with anybody. Wherever you are there is some trouble. Something is always missing, lacking. The harmony never comes out of your relationships - because the harmony is possible only if you are a fluxlike phenomenon, changing, moving, merging into the new. If you become a formless river of consciousness then everything fits. Then you fit with life and life fits with you - suddenly everything is absolutely okay. And that absolute feeling of harmony is what religious people have been calling God.

God is not a person, God is a state of being when everything fits. When you have no complaint, suddenly everything is beautiful. But the mind makes everything ugly, because mind lives as a tradition - and life is momentary.

This English word tradition is very, very meaningful. You may not even be aware, but it comes from the same root as the word traitor; tradition comes from the same root as the word traitor. Tradition is a betrayal of life, it is treachery. Your mind betrays. If you can drop the mind everything is attained.

Dropping of the mind is the essence of all religion. Sufism is nothing but how to drop the mind, the tradition, the past. That’s why religion always looks revolutionary - because it is always against tradition. It is always against the past. It is always against frozen words. It is always for life, flow.

No religion can be a tradition, but all religions have become traditions. That means they have gone false; they are no longer religions. A religion remains religion only when it is true to existence and life - not true to any dogma, not true to any scripture, the Vedas, the Koran, the Bible. That’s why Sufism was not understood by Mohammedans. They are one of the most fanatic peoples on this earth. How can they understand Sufism? Too book-oriented, too obsessed with the KoranOf course, when the Koran descended on Mohammed it was a live moment, it was a fitting phenomenon - suddenly Mohammed was in the harmony of the universe, and the universe started unveiling its secrets to him. And the first word that came to Mohammed was, “Recite! Recite in my name!” The word Koran means recite, because it is the first word that came to Mohammed. It is a beautiful word - if you can understand while it is alive; otherwise it is ugly when it is dead.

It is just like a beautiful woman passing, moving. The very gesture, the curves of her body, the life that is flowing in her, the radiancy of her being - it is so beautiful. You can freeze her and make a statue out of her and put it in the garden - then there will be no more beauty because beauty was in her very aliveness. A frozen woman, how can it be beautiful? It is a corpse. And those curves, when they were moving and alive they had something of the divine. Now nothing is left; it is only matter, a dead body.

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